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Is this what I want
Or just what I need
I wanted her
She didn't want me
She changed her mind
I'm broken now
I want to die
I miss that girl
I took to the lake
Brand new person
Same old mistakes
I am apprehensive to hold you for fear you will slip through my hands like the sand from the hourglass that keeps pouring out into my lungs and i long for the possibility to finally stop running from all the ghosts in my closet, but every time i come around they come out like the monkey on my back that i’ve had since i was eleven. How do you spell deep affection without saying it’s L-O-V-E? I rue the fact i cannot seem to open these infirm bones enough for you to make your forever home. I do not have the power to paint happiness across your skin, when i do i leave tracks of agony and it’s unbearable to watch you stitch yourself up after every love affair we hold against that lovely flesh of yours.
When you kiss me can you ******* past and all the puzzle pieces that have yet to be put together or do you taste a happy ever after?
My hands no longer trustworthy, i have seen people like buildings, abandoned after an adventure that didn't last long enough. Like the wind I am afraid of going unnoticed like a small thunderstorm I called  your happinessI do not want to be forgotten like that essay you just procrastinated to do, I do not want to be that failing grade that's suffocating you. If not for the metals I have dangling in front of my face you are the only razorblade I will ever let destroy me, each and ever scar will always remind me that with you my happiness was not faked. I am apprehensive to hold you because I don't know how to be someone you'll love.
I'll come to find out
How terrible it must be
To love someone so much
So young
And have them ruin you forever
To have to set them free
I thought about driving my car into a tree tonight
these words in my head, when they come out they don't come out right
i wish i had the guts to ask you if you still love me
or if you ever loved me
you don't know what you do to me
i wonder if you did, would you want anything to do with me?
when im the only one on the road

1 AM i'm leaving all alone

all the things that i could say

would never make these feelings go away

i just wanna know how you feel

wonder if the things i think are real

really bothers me when you say

what you said to me a certain way

i deseserve all the love in the world

you dont know that its not true

because i wouldnt know what to do

i keep thinking that i wanna die

I miss the blue color in your eye

reminding me to keep finding time

a million miles away but so close

thinking of you is another dose

i wish i could feel nothing now

ill build a wall and shut you out

love you too much for my own good

i wish you understood
If it seems the words I write don't make sense
If it seems I'm a million miles away, right in front of your face
I'm sorry
There's no words I can write
To let you know how I feel
There's no closer I can be
To make my touch feel real
It's days like these I wish I could write
The words,  the way they'd make you feel
Drop to your knees,  you'd know it's real.
But here I am prowsing the pages
Just to find a simple rhyme in time
all I can say is that you smell fine.
Lose myself in
Lose myself in
Lose myself
In the common admiration of,
I really like it when you call me love
So Don't worry that your dog bites
If you ever even thought I might
Never want to see you again
I'll see you tonight.
Steady your ears
Steady your ears
Steady your
Hand as I glide mine in your Palm
All the things I'd ever done wrong
But would you believe me if I said
You make me happy all the time
No matter the words I funderstand that rhyme
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