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Jeremy Stacy
28/M/Georgia    I use poetry as a creative form of self expression.
Rob Rutledge
30/M    For a so called 'Writer' I have no idea what to write here.
F/Minneapolis    instagram: @emnabeepoetry
karen champagne
nh    English major from St. Anselms college in NH. A genre of writing from 1983 to the present. Journals full of writing surfaced from 1992. I ...
Alexander T
20/F/Assam, India    If what I seek, waits for me in the shadow of darkness, I want no light, for If it someday wants to get in me, ...
16/F    I am Gabriela McIntyre, simply an artist and a poet who has learned to paint with what I have. Visit my dearest friend, Psychotic Harmony, ...
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Carson Alexander Defelice
17/M/GA    I'm not poetic I'm permanently apathic and this is my only way to make you see the way I do
Willy Shakysphere
M/Georgia, USA    I had never written anything before 1996. I died for 7 minutes, revived by an emergency medical team I awoke to not be quite the ...
Cascadia    we who share vestige of our intimate uniqueness, are different β€” just be you, that is your greatest strength β€”stay strong ... stay blessed β€” ...
Elizabeth Squires
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
Austin Morrison
23/M/Canada    Hello my name is Austin. I'm pretty simple. Say hi or give some feedback. πŸ‘πŸ» Insta @SunsetPoetry__
23/M/India, Kolkata.    An admixture of life, loss, and liberty. Seeking to spread the mirage of a thousand dreams A character underneath the hazy shades of appearance, Sleeping ...
47/F/Canada    "Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." -Buddha
16/M    for when i want my thoughts to be more than just thoughts
M/Victoria, Australia    Self-taught composer, tenor (opera, art songs, folk..) and violinist. A humanist. Basic words: love, humility, compassion, tolerance, humour. JOURNEY OF THE HEART, collection of 163 ...
Imran Islam
27/M/πŸβœ“Lure Pot βœ“πŸ    My new book is live on kindle []
Vhey Casison
Philippines    amateur poet sensuist Romantic
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