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Vhey Casison Nov 2017
He is spaghetti
A forkful through her fingers
Quick to eat in trains.
She's just hungry for pasta--
Come now, the Train's arriving!
Vhey Casison Sep 2017
Scoop spoonfuls of joy
and let dark beads percolate
in a tiny cup.
sugar, milk, milk and sugar
clock doesn't stop--tick, gulp, tock.
  Mar 2017 Vhey Casison
Emily Dickinson

The saddest noise, the sweetest noise,
  The maddest noise that grows,—
The birds, they make it in the spring,
  At night’s delicious close.

Between the March and April line—
  That magical frontier
Beyond which summer hesitates,
  Almost too heavenly near.

It makes us think of all the dead
  That sauntered with us here,
By separation’s sorcery
  Made cruelly more dear.

It makes us think of what we had,
  And what we now deplore.
We almost wish those siren throats
  Would go and sing no more.

An ear can break a human heart
  As quickly as a spear,
We wish the ear had not a heart
  So dangerously near.
Vhey Casison Mar 2017
I had a dream that
Everything was drowned in tears
All sounds were silenced
And the rain fell with a thud—
Shards of broken memories.

A lone snail was caught
Amid the torrent of tears
Not for a moment
Did it let go of its freight
I let it carry my weight.

My world is fading
Melting in desolate tears
And I can't stop it.
Woes do come as raging floods
But who'll be there to save me?
Three tanka units
Vhey Casison Mar 2017
I am sorry if I'm just a mediocre
for not being good enough
in everything
I am sorry if all I could do is whine
crying out like a swine
how imperfect the world can be
I am sorry if I'm not beautiful
if I'm not friendly
if I'm messy, stupid,
insolent, sensitive, and grumpy
I am sorry for being so quiet
that it makes the air awkward
for being a sickly *******
or when I sometimes talk a lot
as if I know everything
I'm sorry if I sometimes feel special
like a protagonist of some story
looking at everyone with scornful eyes
for being so disgustingly melodramatic
for always making excuses
for piling lies on top of lies, on top of lies
or for not even trying
to make these ****** words rhyme
I am sorry for being so hard to like
let alone, to love
and if I ever made you frown
of any of the above
or simply of my existence
know that I am deeply,
truly, and terribly sorry.
Vhey Casison Mar 2017
Unwanted, it came out of the sky. Each drop falling straight for the earth. Feels heavy upon my shoulders, as if a giant presence filled the air: everywhere I go, leaning, clinging—hanging on my back, with its grips of quicksand. Time and again, it blinds, disarming me with its painful Flash, before its booming Roar, that the beating of my heart seems to shake my vision, and my bones to creak—all out of a stupid fear; creating an earthquake insensible to others, with its epicenter at the very core of my being; while my stomach growls in resonance, giving a severe indigestion, and a vertigo so persistent as to make someone ***** his own life. And though it came down with a chilling breath, sweat unceasingly springs from my body. For the truth is—I am truly nervous, that this rain is but one of the many storms to come.
And so, as the discordant melody of the city continues to lull the world
I, like an infant mewling at night, remain awake, cursed to ponder
never to be reconciled with peaceful Slumber.
Vhey Casison Mar 2017
My heart almost stopped
While I was inside my head
I did not resist.

You know, it feels great!
How the dark suffocates me
Sadly, I awoke.
Two haiku units
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