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 May 2014
i think you are like a drug.
when i'm around you there's this
overwhelming sense of calm,
but euphoria at the same time.
you make my emotions a hundred
times stronger than they usually are,
and that scares me.

what if i overdose on that feeling,
and you leave?

you'll be left fine,
while i'll be met with
and i don't know
if i can take that,
because everyone
has a breaking point.

congratulations i'm addicted.
"you're the reason it never goes away."
 May 2014
Amber Dunn
I am needy and codependent
And I forget how to love myself sometimes.
I am clumsy and gangly
And I trip easily.
I am easily angered and moody
And I snap over the smallest things.
I am jealous
And I need to be reminded I am the only girl you want.
I am flawed.
But I am growing.
And you will never find anyone who will love more than me.
I love with the entirety of my being.
I will always be there for you.
I will always be your Sun
And you will always be my Moon.
Help remind me to breathe
And to take every day as it comes.
Grow with me.
Become one with me like a forrest
Because baby I want to get lost in you.
 May 2014
Jeuden Totanes
I wonder why Cupid aims his love arrows
at quiet lads and innocent lasses
then unrequited love would bring sorrows
of broken hearts and bleeding bruises

I wonder why lovers give scarlet roses
then leave them out in the sun to die
in this game of love somebody loses
then gambles again, for another try

I wonder why my heart beats, still
when it was shattered to million pieces
I feel the adrenalin- a screaming thrill
then I cry when it all ceases

I wonder why people tend to fall
to a false promise or a white lie
will i answer when i receive the call?
would I?

I wonder why..
 May 2014
oh darling,
you must understand
i never meant for it to be like this
never meant for it to be us
locking eyes
and quickly looking away.

oh darling,
you must believe me when i say
you're merely a figment
of my wild imagination
you don't exist
and if you do -
well it's in my mind

but darling,
don't worry
i'll look for you in
the crescent moon eyes
of a real boy
to call my own.

— The End —