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 Feb 7
Mohd Arshad
He can change

A stone

Into a gem
 Feb 6
Mohd Arshad

I'm so blank!
Still, do you love me?
 Feb 6
Mohd Arshad
The sun is sharp in the sky
Leaves are talking as slowly
As if they are shy of
Making their love in the open
And butterflies are trying
To listen to their feelings
I'm waiting for her
I think i can't better place than this
To put the rose on her palm
And lock her lips with mine
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Make a wall but keep a hole in it
If I cry my brother can hear me
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Your eyes
                  Are deep valleys


I am drowned in them
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
Butterfly is a
Colourful canvas where poem
Finds its perfect sketch
 Jul 2022
mark john junor
The further away we may wander,
the closer to the heart our olden days become
the people who welcomed us
the places we danced
the music that still lingers in the air
with the love of a dream still shared...

The further away we may wander
we love each new adventure
never knowing where the road may lead
but we will always fondly look back
to the many homes our hearts have known
and wish upon wish to share our adventures
and roads with the people who celebrate our joy...

The further away we may wander,
we come to realize
places are meant to be left behind
but the smiles and loves we found there
will forever be part of who we are
 Jul 2022
Isaac afunadhula
If my heart pours out
If the rains turns to snow
Then my heart shall find rest
To the delight of the world

If a cry for blood burns like a fire
In the far land of kasheki, then the song of the heartland shall be sung by the hyena's

If the moon shodows it's beauty under the blue skies
A roar shall be heard in the sea deepth

To the voices of the earth
I just want to sing beneath the sun
beneath the clouds
If the words that we say sometimes mean less in this life of uncertainty then we ought to do better for the greater good.
Crystal  ball in pre night sky
Floating on orange waters
Bright light from departing sun
Golden shine in twilight
Waiting for the moon to rise
When sun says goodbye
Soft glow on Earth.

Shell ✨🐚
 Apr 2022
solEmn oaSis
I don't wanna die yet
but i want to leave this world,really!
with*  *a spark twinkling in their eyes
with a sweetest smile at their lips
with the true happiness on their hearts
with a peaceful thinking of their minds
through my writings that
wrote ups my entire life
together with them distantly

i wouldn't be left  without  even saying
that i am leaving...for i don't wanna be gone
without even enjoying the blessing
beyond the health and wellness of their bodies
without even seeing the prosperity of their lives
without even knowing there is a salvation of their souls
without hearing the forgiveness of their own
as well as my shortcomings

let me live and let die
with or without  music in my ears
with or w/out struggles in my hands
with or w/out a friend who trusted me not
with or w/out a lover who loves me not
cuz i couldn't be seated anymore
with or w/out a reader by YOUR own will
for i should stand up on my own feet
with or w/out somebody by my side
again let me live and let die
by caressing me in Your powerful loving arms
with or w/out my beloved mystery rhyme!

PLEASE LET US STAY by the love and companion
**within your everlasting covenant
from dusk till dawn...
smile in between miles!
the worlds want me to fly higher,
        but you don't care about my
        wings so i cut it & put in a box.
        i had a dream,
        my imperfect dreams.
        i want to chase winds.
        but they say most birds who
        chase wind are fools,
        so i stop chasing.
        i had a dream,
        my imperfect dream.
        i want to vanish without a trace.
        crazy for a little bird like me
        who cut its wings.
        a long time ago
        i had a nest called
        i don't know
        i don't care
        maybe someday
        if you care enough
        i will have a courage
        to find my wings again
        ©IGMS 2020
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