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 Mar 30
•i've depleted my font,
my creative well•for each
day passed, with a story to tell
•staining white and barren land-
scapes•by sculpting my words into
myriad shapes•from factory fumes to
a wedding ring•an ominous tombstone
to a flash of lightning•an hourglass to track
elapsing time•the untold story behind a loved

                   nursery rhyme•            |  
                   with this i conc-             |  
                lude my 30 day run          o  
•it's been quite a stretch but
all in good fun•rest assured that
more will come when the time is
right•for now i'll turn off my
bedside lamp and bid
you all a goodnight•

Concrete Poem 30 of 30

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 Nov 2023
Rising above the mire of
My mind clears
and I can finally start to
 Oct 2023
we fly
with lofty feathers
albeit shorn wingtips

we speak
but with pregnant minds
albeit engorged nibs
 Jul 2023
Sarita Aditya Verma
The flowers knew it was their end

The flowers knew their life was short

There was no way through

The flowers knew their way through

The flowers knew their way to the end

They knew it was worthwhile

They smiled to the end
 Jul 2023
Coleen Mzarriz
There she was
Walking in the light
Disguised as an angel
Near the lake
Of shining waters
While her hair
Smells like an old flower
In the moonlight

There she was
Peeking through your dreams
While you close your eyes
In her lullabies

There she was
Singing in the light
Like an ocean's roar
In the night

Close your eyes
She's now leaving
In the quiet sound
Of the night

Close your eyes
She's an angel in disguise.
It was a poem first, before I turned into a song.
 Jun 2023
If we were trees,
You would be a big tree next to me
You'd be the bigger tree next to me, blocking the sunlight for me to grow and when the time comes, I would just die silently in your hands
 Feb 2023
Mohd Arshad
He can change

A stone

Into a gem
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