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 Aug 2023
I might die tomorrow.

I am 5, & I don't know my family. I was born like this.
They say my life is in gods hands,
but I don't know what God is? God if you are there, will you please send me an angel?

I heard angels are beautiful.

A lady came today, she said I was so pretty. She told me she would take  me somewhere special where they would take care of me, is she your angel?

3 days later I was on the ocean, shoved into a train car on a boat. All of us, children,
we need baths, we need food. She lied, we are not safe.

Oh no! Where am I?
This place doesn't look clean,
this is scary, now I am in a cage like an animal!
We all are, all the children around me, they are crying... they are not safe,
we are so sad,
they are hurting.
Where am I?

It is so dark in here, it is so cold. Please bring help,

I might die tomorrow.

Please send me an angel.
please send me an angel.
 Dec 2022
You’d let yourself bleed a river
before you’d even let a drop
fall from someone else.
You did it for them and now
you’re trying to do it for me too.
Don’t you know?
You matter
just as much of the rest of us.
It’s okay that I’m hurting.
You don’t have to bandage me up.
Maybe I want to bleed too.
 Oct 2022
Unpolished Ink
is a reality
there is no endless love
no forever
even in the beauty of the stars above
all will end
we cannot transcend our allotted span
so live and laugh and dance while you can
 Mar 2022
i am laying in my
cold white blankets
with my eyes open
   all I can see is grey
i smell nothing but rotten
thoughts and bones
  i‘m trapped inside this body
this room, this life, and
i feel so weak,
so worthless,
even breathing hurts
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