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A quiet room,
Tucked away,
An oasis from the crowds
And the noise.

An odd assortment
Of chairs,
But without the stress
Of the other rooms.

A safe space
In a place with no security,
A warm space,
In a cold building.

A little room,
Hidden away,
This is my safe space,
This is my room.
Throw back another shot,
Put on that dress that radiates
The siren within.
Go out and hunt.
Dance like you actually want to.
Break his heart.
Ruin his life.
Feign confidence.
Make him believe he wants you
More than you want him.  
Make him follow you like a puppy,
Throw him a smile to gives him hope.
Paint your mouth a pretty colour
So he notices.
Find love,
If only for few hours.
Don’t regret when you wake up.
Even though,
The light of day is a cruel mistress.
Pretty pink petals
Scatter a path
Through the trees.

Branches reach up,
Grasping at the sky,
Trying to pull themselves up.

The leaves are beginning to turn,
A single leaf dances,
Fighting its fate to fall.

A painter’s brush leaves a trail
Across the dimming sky.
Each colour blending into the next.

A bird chirps,
A river trickles.
Wind rustles,

The chill is biting
But not unwelcome.
It breathes life.

In a calm like this it’s easy to remember  
To breathe in
And out.

And nothing else matters.
I know a place
Where the sun shines
Birds chirp
And everyone is happy

But that's all gone now
Grey storm clouds fill the sky
There are no birds left singing
I know that place existed
Because that place is my childhood

— The End —