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claudia Mar 2019
thoughts and a hungry lion,
what do they have in common?
they both will consume you if left alone with you for a few hours.

the only difference is:
one is an uncontrollable scary beast who has caused the death of thousands,
whilst the other,
is an innocent animal trying to keep itself alive.
the mind is beautiful and terrifying.
claudia Mar 2019
you told me that time heals,
i'm glad that you were right.
i found someone greater,
who is now my light.

thank you for making the decision.
your mind was quick to change,
i really admire your precision

you told me that it would be better,
that what we once had wouldn't matter.
you told me that i would get over it,
that i would meet someone that would fit.

you said all these things when we were done,
i'm now glad that you are gone.
a little something about finding new love
claudia Mar 2019
she paints herself with shades of red,
the colour she saw when they first met,
but also the colour when she was misled.

she paints her face with shades of blue,
the colour of the beautiful sky,
but also the colour she saw when he said goodbye.

she paints her mind with shades of white,
the colour she wore when he carried out a surprise,
but also the colour of all his lies.

she paints her surroundings with shades of purple,
the colour of flowers they saw next to a four-leaf clover,
but also the colour she felt when it was over.

she paints her soul with shades of black,
the colour she used to express herself for being insignificant,
and the colour she was familiar with when he started acting different.

she always insisted that she was fine,
but she had already drawn the line.
she paints her wrists with shades of red,
and that's the story of how she secretly bled.
colours and their metaphors
claudia Mar 2019
swore i wouldn't fall again,
so i won't feel the pain.
swore i wouldn't feel the same,
so i won't leave my heart to claim

i don't want it,
the heartbreak and the distance,
the confusion, for instance.

yet i yearn for it,
the warmth and comfort,
the feeling of a perfect fit.

told myself it wasn't worth the ache,
that i should stop for my own sake.
each day passes with a simple hi,
but when will it be our final goodbye?
a small poem on falling in love again after a heartbreak

— The End —