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Chloe W Jun 2019
There’s a feeling, almost a sound,
a vibration,
that surrounded you.

It’s the pitter patter of summer rain.
It’s the cool water of a creek dancing over rocks.
It’s the evening sunlight before a humid night.

I need the exhalation of a deep breath.
I need to sit down with the earth just below me.
I need to be outside.
Chloe W Jan 2019
I sing to you this lullaby
I sing to you this love of mine

Rocking you so sweetly
Holding you so gently

Caressing your head in my hands
As you and the sandman dance

Kiss your head goodnight
Close the doors, they'll be no fright

I sing to you this lullaby
I sing to you this love of mine
Chloe W Nov 2018
I want to climb mountains with you,
ride roller coasters,
travel across the world,
and swim in the ocean.

But I think what excites me the most
are the mundane things
like riding the subway,
standing in line,
and even sitting on rocks.

Even in silence,
your presence brings
comfort and ease
and always a bit of excitement.
  Oct 2018 Chloe W
You don’t need to do anything to be loved.

When you’re young you learn how to do a lot of new things like how to ride a bike, or how to swim. Some of them are difficult at first but then they get easier. Some of these things come to you naturally. You excel at them and learn how to get better.

You are the latter. Loving you is easy. Not the type of easy where it’s quick to lose interest, but the type where I’m surprised so many times throughout the day by just how easy you make it on me. I expect the worst and you give me the opposite. You continually show me that loving doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, but can simply be.
Chloe W Oct 2018
Wouldn't it be wonderful,
to take a trip back in time,
not to see how the people lived,
but to see beauty that has now faded.

I wish to see the stars,
like millions of windows
allowing a glimpse at heaven,
without the drapery of artificial light.

Forests bountiful and
streams clear as crystal,
wouldn't in be
such a sight to see
Chloe W Oct 2018
She was honey,
she moved slowly towards me,
filling me with anticipation,
awaiting for her gentle touch.

Her sweet smell, intoxicating.
A product of feminine natural beauty
I long for a taste of her euphoric nectar.
Chloe W Oct 2018
The purest thing
is the words,
"I love you",
punctuated without expectation.
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