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Lopez Jan 2020
The life of leaves while green is bliss,
the cold arrives, the warmth I miss.
Tethered to life by a stem and light,
The winds come around, we all take flight.

Memories are born at the end of a song,
I remember our love, and how it was wrong.
We thought it felt right. I swore it was strong.
T'was a ship with no keel, it couldn’t last long.

The life of leaves while green is bliss,
A hug, a smile, my lips you kissed.
It felt like hello, my hopes were high.
something was different, felt more like ‘goodbye’.

Tethered to you by a stem and light.
I could have reacted, I chose not to fight.
I waited for You, your voice, your touch.
Was the risk not worth it? Was it too much?

The season is come, the colors are changed.
the cold air is here, the choice has been made.
I’ll miss you so much, and I promise I’ll try
To tether my memories, to you when I cry.

Lopez Apr 2019
This is my sun-kissed Sandy song:
i want Sandy kisses - grainy like taking a bite from a ripe peach and feeling it infuse the tight, tangy, tips, of my tongue; reaching to feel her Sandy touch - soft like candy cotton coconut muffins covered in cocoa - hypnotized eyes reading Sandy words - rough like running rivers revamping ol' remixes while reading her pretty Sandy smile - loving the brush of her rosy lips n' shiny teeth - like small Sandy stars swimming along side soaking honeysuckle snowflakes. this is my sun-kissed Sandy song. I want a Kiss.
Yeah, like Sandy.
~ jae Lopez
Lopez Mar 2019
there's a pain that doesn't hurt.
it's a thought that comes to mind when i remember your touch.
when i could look you in the eyes and hear your thoughts.
it's a smile i sensed in the corner of the room as i danced for you.
i made you laugh.
you gave me confidence.
i was free. free to be me. for the first time.
it's a bite you stole from my cupcake when i wasn't looking.
the victory shone on your face as you looked at me with your mouth full of chocolate.
and all i could do is chase you back to the bedroom, capture you, and sentence you to love.
it's a morning after work, as you got home much later than normal. you said it was a busy night.
i nodded and welcomed you, but your eyes betrayed your lips.
you were torn between two hearts.
you never gave me credit for putting up with that ****.
and it's okay.
i didn't need it.
i needed you.
it's a turn of the key and a glance at the rear view as i drove away.
it's a pain that doesn't hurt. not anymore.
Lopez Feb 2019
The storm can't last forever,
but the fire can.
The rain can wash away the tears
after years,
but for you my hope is more
than i am.
Clinging to life
by the thread of your smile,
for eyes to behold the past
in your child.
Take me into your arms of hate,
for my heart is refuge
to your heart in fate.
Fill me again
with the hope of a fool,
for the pain that remains
is the kingdom you rule.

Lopez Feb 2019
There are memories worth the time
and mine are very few,
the memories I recall smiling
when i was with you.

Snowy winter's hidden kisses,
first time lovers' hits and misses.
Grandma's gone baby, now's our chance,
Can we kiss? Make it last, hear the song,
let us dance.

I know it was hard
when i had to say good bye,
But even that day i smiled,
wanna know why?

Because you kissed me,
you held me, and you said
"No matter what -
Jae, my heart is yours,
near or far, here or not".

You promised you would wait,
but you didn't, and i understand.
Promises are easy to make
when you're face to face,
hand in hand.

The years passed,
and at last, i made you mine,
but the dream was cut short
and i was running out of time.

Christmas was coming
and the legend was true,
that i would only spend one Christmas,
wrapped in love with you.

I would give the world and all that i have,
to live that Christmas once again -
when i was your world, you were my dreams,
and nothing else mattered back then.

— The End —