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Feb 15
There are memories worth the time
and mine are very few,
the memories I recall smiling
when i was with you.

Snowy winter's hidden kisses,
first time lovers' hits and misses.
Grandma's gone baby, now's our chance,
Can we kiss? Make it last, hear the song,
let us dance.

I know it was hard
when i had to say good bye,
But even that day i smiled,
wanna know why?

Because you kissed me,
you held me, and you said
"No matter what -
Jae, my heart is yours,
near or far, here or not".

You promised you would wait,
but you didn't, and i understand.
Promises are easy to make
when you're face to face,
hand in hand.

The years passed,
and at last, i made you mine,
but the dream was cut short
and i was running out of time.

Christmas was coming
and the legend was true,
that i would only spend one Christmas,
wrapped in love with you.

I would give the world and all that i have,
to live that Christmas once again -
when i was your world, you were my dreams,
and nothing else mattered back then.
Jae Lopez
Written by
Jae Lopez  42/M/Philadelphia
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