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5d · 12
How do the senses relate to "being?"  The senses can seem to
be objects residing in a subject/object world, but perhaps there
is a unicity present, in that, senses and sensing might seem as
one, or being.  The mind will picture things like eyes or noses
which pull into the separation cage of belief and illusion.  But,
backing off from all these floating thoughts, with their nagging
dissatisfactions, it might dawn that being appears as senses
and sensing, and eyes and noses..and separation's shadings of
being are blatantly exposed...
Mar 31 · 24
CharlesC Mar 31

Appears to be a directed perceiving of what

Shows up in line of sight..nothing startling

About that boring clarity..until we consider:

Attention demands a viewer and an array

Of objects asserting themselves..and we may or

May not notice sitting quietly in a dark corner

An assumption of separation..a quiet deception..

Dissolving the deception..nothing remains

But playing appearances..entering and

Departing from seemingly nowhere..and an

Aroma of real and not real..solid and not..

Also..entering the playground are thoughts of

Attention and a viewer and an array of

Objects..this new trio of players..front and center..

Arriving from nowhere...
CharlesC Mar 29
There are appearances of many journeys..but

Let's imagine that there is only one..

It is the journey inward..and not

Discover that which can never be discovered on

Any goalposts dissolve in the tears that flow

And burning flames leap..behind and ahead..
Mar 28 · 108
CharlesC Mar 28
The pavement and the bicycles

Skateboards and feet falling..seeming to very briefly

Deform the pavement gathering a sensing of the

Excitement of children looking for thrills of more

Risky routes..and of adults sensing the rolling of their

Soles on the sinking pavement..scenes of completion and

Perfection in the gratitude of no-thing deforming...
Mar 27 · 162
The store window pane..
CharlesC Mar 27
Reflecting the bustling traffic and

A backdrop of sky and tree allowing

It nothing appearing as lights and

Honking..and stops avoiding and not avoiding

Catastrophic interruptions of movements

With sky and tree unaffected..and all

Reflected indifferently in the window pane...
Mar 26 · 111
CharlesC Mar 26
Could it be this simple..?

Allowing life as it is

Not to worry about the "I" as unawakened

Allow that unawakened I to do as it pleases

Perhaps walking down a path seeking to

Find what seems to be missing..

All of these appearances..appearing in

What is marvelously happening...
CharlesC Mar 20
Separation is the deceiver

Who seems innocent because

After all..things seem different

And bounded and special..

A suggestion otherwise seems

To mug common sense..but that

Nagging lack seems to

Hang on..and we overturn many of

Those separate things..for relief..

The deceiver is elated and celebrates

Each new lease on life..

Lo..the search continues in many

Villages..large and small..for that

Which has never been lost...
Mar 15 · 117
Polarity in play..
CharlesC Mar 15
No-thing appears as polarities..

Appearances are invitations

To play..allowing the polarities to

Dance..and carry on in  freedom

In any way they wish..this gift of the breaking of the

Links by which polarities have

Never been chained...
Mar 13 · 31
CharlesC Mar 13
This word is found sometimes as a startling announcement..
What you are looking for is here now and has never not been
Already anywhere you really looked..
It is the disappearance of what you thought you were looking for..
And an amazement that the fleeting something for which you looked
Could not be reached and grasped and soon eluded even your looking..Already it was an appearance of That for which you were really looking...
Mar 9 · 208
CharlesC Mar 9
The wind paddles

Rotating in a gentle wind

Seem as time wheel until

We recognize: There is

Spontaneity on display in the

Paddle and wind and sunshine..

Spontaneity introduces

No-thing as that which

Appears in this small

Episode out of time...
Mar 2 · 42
CharlesC Mar 2
Conversations display variations seeming as

Splitting wholeness..prismatic they are..joyful

Prismatically..without attachment.. as

Wholeness appears as glorious variety..

However..there is the attachment thing..the golden calf

Hiding the whole..hatching rancor and stomach knots..

World history thus resuming in each conversation..

All of this seems so..until we kinda back away:

Prismatic joy and golden calf..a storied split..

Are still wholeness appearing as this and that..
Feb 14 · 69
CharlesC Feb 14

Are they ours..?

With the assumption of separation

An easy Yes is said along with

A strange brief glance..

But if we remove the assumption

This illusory assumption

The uneasy thinker finds

A crumbling identity..

Frightened and joyful..and thoughts visit from

Feb 3 · 38
End of searching..
CharlesC Feb 3


Erase the words above..

What remains represents

The End of searching..

Although discussion may

Introduce a cloudy day...
Feb 1 · 39
The "I" word..
CharlesC Feb 1
The most common word in every language

For centuries has stood for the person reading these words..

Sages are known to possess a much larger I..but the

Secret..that you and I might claim an expanded

Version..has found its home only on fringes..hiding a

Reckless bounteous Freedom..yet..there are those who

In desperate times..found the Joy of this delicious word..

But..alas..have settled for a mirrored image..reflected

Most clearly on their driver's licenses...
CharlesC Jan 30

We observe today with expectation

In that stretch of the future..

But in a new time is exposed

Oppositions are also exposed..and the

Seamless sounds..quivering and revealing: expressing

Nothing at all..
Jan 26 · 30
The body..
CharlesC Jan 26
Is an appearance

Created from a multitude of perceptions and conceptions..

Each of the multitude arising in This..and seemingly

Integrated to be you and me.. thus birthing a new perception

And conception..which may arise with a nagging belief in

The end all of a reality of birth and death..

This story may resonate..suggesting an awakening to the

Vastness and Oneness of This..or perhaps not..

If stories may arise continuing the warfare

Story of ages..affecting the body with bouts of discomfort..

New body stories arising..rearranging and disguising This..

Yet..Perfect it is for this moment...
Jan 20 · 41
CharlesC Jan 20
A preliminary message

Ignited the chaos..featuring

Sharpness and compression and

Macabre hilarity.. penetrating our

Heart of Democracy..the wounding

Was not out there on the steps and rooms..

Those horrors seemed to harbor.. in the

Moment..dark facades of fascism..

Until a mirror revealed our darkness

With a glimpse.. inaugurating a new

Bend on our homeward road...
Jan 11 · 74
My Virus Teacher..
CharlesC Jan 11
The virus has placed a focus

On our assumptions of  "normal"

Normal..these were the habits

Taken for granted as they

Settled into our lives as

Benchmarks and addictions..

We so fondly remember the

Unceasing participation..tight

Schedules..with expected

Plentiful accumulation..then

Enter the virus..pushing back on

Artificial guide rails..and

Inviting our attention to..Yes

A frightening Freedom..

A Freedom forever available

With accompanying Joy..

But alas.. went unnoticed

Until the virus erased our

Habitual and imagined

Prison bars...
Some of you may be familiar with a documentary produced by Netflix, entitled
"My Octopus Teacher."  The film has deeply touched many people in this pandemic time. A good friend has seen it several times. In the film, a man established a loving daily relationship with an octopus over the course of a year, which is the lifespan of this creature.Highly recommended!  So...I have found it useful to similarly consider the Virus as a teacher...
Jan 3 · 375
The Selfie..
CharlesC Jan 3

Photos in reverse with

Appearances of self..

Breaking the silence of

A blank lens..and

With our writing

Breaking the silence of

A blank page..

Haste might be projected

Or anger or concern

Seeming what we are..

Yet..Silence stands

Appearing as selfie

Awaiting recognition...
Dec 2020 · 29
CharlesC Dec 2020
Is derived from Love..

Love appearing as hope..

And when hope falters

The appearance may end..yet

Love remains...

1st Corinthians 13: 13..
13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Dec 2020 · 97
Christmas Tidings..!
CharlesC Dec 2020
Christmas Tidings..!

Beneath a story many celebrate

Of a birth beneath a star..

There lies a latch..when

Opened..will set us free..

On this celebrated night

The Truth..apparently hidden

And remaining hidden now

Was unlatched for those then

And now..


This simple news about what

Has always been..That's it..!

Christmas Tidings..!
Dec 2020 · 116
CharlesC Dec 2020
We wait and watch

For a mark in time

Which will relieve the

Numbness of waiting..

Many marks appear

And re-appear..without

Rewarding a promise..

Unexpected..a footstep

Out of time..removes the

Dec 2020 · 70
CharlesC Dec 2020
When we discover the Reality of Appearances..we have

Awakened in our journey..The dream state of separation

Finds these same appearances as standing solid..

And convincing in their forthright presentation.. Dreaming

Separation is the backdrop of the story on which our roles.. in days of joy and sorrow..

When the discovery is made.. the Reality of Appearances..

Who is awakened..?  Our Real Self has awakened our

Real Self ..with  Appearances..Now blessedly known

As fleeting..and joyous..Self-Attire...
Dec 2020 · 196
The Oasis..
CharlesC Dec 2020
Between Oases
Are the dry patches of
Misdirecting and wanting
To find a trail to the comfort
Of the next Oasis..
The secret
Yet to be discovered by many
The weary traveler:
Pause on your trail and
Be introduced to the You
Who has never departed
The Oasis...!
Dec 2020 · 58
CharlesC Dec 2020

Takes place through lenses

Which are ground based upon

Varied assumptions of

Separation..our culture stamped

By a belief of an independent

Out-there..with separation as the

Herald of truth..but there are

More and more lenses these days

Perceiving the same out-there..yet

Knowing it as a "seeming" truth

An appearance Here and Now

With no out-there out there...
Dec 2020 · 37
CharlesC Dec 2020
The Symphony I Am..

And we are..

Each of us..

Is shaped by instruments

Of the noisy quiet world..

Our inward stage

Where the music plays

Cacophonies and arias

The clash of cymbals

And  pregnant pauses..

All allowed and welcome

For their brief stay..

As we note their

Composition of the

Symphony I Am...
Dec 2020 · 43
The Social Dilemma..
CharlesC Dec 2020
Attraction and attachment

Hooked and holding..

Many momentary "highs"

Of Likes..Loves..Wows..

But of short duration as

Thirst returns seeking for

More highs..finding instead

Those confining pains..

Allowing others to define

Who we the basic

Sin of social media..

We are tangled in a

Hidden matrix..with many

Not locating the simple exit:

Asking the perennial questions

Perhaps..Who am I..??...
Based on the Netflix film..The Social Dilemma..
Dec 2020 · 72
LIFE being life..
CharlesC Dec 2020
Regrets in this life

Transport us outward

And mark a duration

To some remembered place..

Yet there is a tension


To turn us once more with

A relieving recognition:

LIFE being life...
Dec 2020 · 270
Fairy Tales..
CharlesC Dec 2020
Fairy tales ride

On the feathers of time..

The feathers fall

Revealing the wisp of time..

Leaving the sky

Not-ending and open

For new tales arising

And feathers falling...
Dec 2020 · 47
The Virgin Mary..
CharlesC Dec 2020
For some~~

The Advent season brings us

To the story of Mary with her

Fears and misgivings after

Angelic conversations..

Her status as a ****** pointed

To an angelic mistake..does not

A conception require separation..?

A new question:

Might there be inner Birth

Recognizing Virginity

Appearing as separation...?
Nov 2020 · 85
A Messy Advent..
CharlesC Nov 2020
For some~~

It is time for Advent

That special season of waiting

For a birth in a storied event..

Incarnation it is called..with a

Child arriving to save us from

Sins construed as so messy..

Re-contemplating that

Child.. recalling our own  

Innocence..before our many

Journeys to far places

Seeking in messiness

Our illusive Innocence..

Until..with joyful Surprise

A journey's end:

From our Innocence

We have never departed...!
Nov 2020 · 77
Thankful Thursday..
CharlesC Nov 2020
In this year of

Virus and chaos

We have arrived at

This Thursday for Thanks..

The outward turn

Of daily attention

Has immersed us and

Grayed inner vision..

So perhaps this Thursday

We might pause to reveal

Our inner Light of

Thankful  Thursday...
Nov 2020 · 184
Envelope of time..
CharlesC Nov 2020
In the envelope of time

Reincarnation appears as

Soothing as we dwell in

The seeming reality of the

Day..a settling into this

Plenitude of time..if not now

Another lifetime will do..

The lonely self grasps this

Logical story to fill a gap..

That is..until "time" is found

Crumbling in the explosion

Of a Birdsong...
Nov 2020 · 33
A grammar lesson..
CharlesC Nov 2020
Start with a polarity

Those many dualities

We have believed are

Separation's truth..

Recognize then the

Play of Subject / object..

As the object wishes to

Stand alone..the Subject

Expresses the Truth of

Oneness:  dissolving

Separation so that

At last we recognize

Beauty and Truth:

Subject being object...
Nov 2020 · 39
CharlesC Nov 2020
Direct and Indirect

Portrayed as choices sometimes..

But are they choices..?

The direct journey has no

Geography or duration..and

Those arriving tell the joke:

There is no journey..only

Recognition of no journey..

The indirect journey is

Composed of stops and starts

Searching for what might be

Directly discovered...
Nov 2020 · 27
CharlesC Nov 2020

This hidden diamond

In our

Buried by layers of

Distrustful hedging..

Constitutions and governments

Are molded with trappings to

Protect from a fearful notion..

History gains glimpses..yet

The diamond hides

Until one day

(Right Now for some..)

The diamond's gift is

Freedom exposed...!
Nov 2020 · 44
Who we are..!
CharlesC Nov 2020
There is no Charles

There is no (insert your name)..

In non-dual discourse

We hear these assertions..

Makes no sense

To the ordinary Joe..

But..perhaps Joe knows

There is no Joe..!

This is the revolution many

Quiet corners of our

Globe..we are stimulated

In our awaken

To Who we are...!
Nov 2020 · 132
CharlesC Nov 2020
The belief in separation

Creates hierarchies..

Considered necessary for

Measured accomplishment..

Seems so..but let's inquire..  

Without that weighty belief

Might accomplishment simply

Happen..with appearances of

Separation..creating in full

Recognition of Freedom...?
Nov 2020 · 33
CharlesC Nov 2020
The vote is in

One side pointed to division

The other unity..

The expression of unity

Arrived this morning..

Jubilation in the streets

And residues of division

These are the poles

Of conventional life..

Awaiting the time

When all expressions

Are of One...
Nov 2020 · 36
The ravaging thought..
CharlesC Nov 2020
Thought is adept at producing a

Story of identity as thought..

This severe restricting of IDentity

Does not rest easy..thus a scramble

To find a missing piece to return the

Wholeness seemingly diminished  

By that ravaging thought..

To recognize..finally..the thought

We are not..but the thought is OK

Un-divorced from the Wholeness

We are...
Nov 2020 · 64
CharlesC Nov 2020

The sleep is deep

And the dream is unchecked..

We have our roles which we

Claim without Question..

Until the Question arises

Shaking our dreamscape

Our role lacks solidity

And the persuasive voice

So long on stage..seems to

Drift without anchor..

A final Question arises:

Who is is that is

CharlesC Nov 2020
With anxiety in the land and

On the ballot..there is also

Leadership concealed on that

Scroll of instruction and choices..

Let us say that Opening/closing

Are choices..hiding the Choice..

And it follows..

Leadership is the waking

To know:  the Choice arrives

Before the choice...
Oct 2020 · 340
I Am Everything..
CharlesC Oct 2020
I Am Everything..

Most simply put:

The "I" explodes

In a vast expansion

Leaving "Am"

Colored by Everything...
Oct 2020 · 28
To Meet and be Met..
CharlesC Oct 2020
The hour is striking so close above me,
so clear and sharp,
that all my senses ring with it.
I feel it now: there’s a power in me
to grasp and give shape to my world.

I know that nothing has ever been real
without my beholding it.
All becoming has needed me.
My looking ripens things
And they come toward me, to meet and be met.

~~Rainer Maria Rilke
Oct 2020 · 32
Start..being the Sun..
CharlesC Oct 2020
Start..being the Sun

Being the Light

Illumination alone..

We know..As the Sun knows

Before gazing outward..

Now..A new Recognition:

Our Light projects within

What appears as out there..

We have arrived..our

Light being everything...
Oct 2020 · 41
CharlesC Oct 2020

Boundless and contracting..

Apparently most of us

Live the contracting

Fearing the Boundless:

The energy we Are..

The contracted matrix

Brings pleasures..coupled

With a nagging pull..

The pull is the Boundless

Call from Home...
Oct 2020 · 24
Judge not..
CharlesC Oct 2020
Judge not

That you not be judged..

That is how it reads..

How does it work..?

In seeming separation

Opportunities for judging

Abound..war and dysfunction


Oneness..without an other..

Judging not..IS


Not being judged..

This invitation to

Oct 2020 · 53
CharlesC Oct 2020
The arts do it..

Knowing two as One

Is a saving Joy..

Add a third and more and

Form seems to approach



The arts point and invite

A journey's End...
Oct 2020 · 26
CharlesC Oct 2020
A suspicion arises

Perhaps from a book

Or a voice..or a review

Of a lifetime..Or none

Of these..perhaps

A quiet time with

Everything shelved for

A delicious moment..

Allowing Nothing to

Dawn..with a glance

At the shelf..recognizing

Nothing as Dreaming...
Oct 2020 · 30
Naps of forgetting..
CharlesC Oct 2020
There is awakening:

The joy of last

Our true Self..the expansive

Newness which has

Poked and prodded so long..

But apparently remaining

Are naps of forgetting

Which induce the sleep we

Once endured..until

A new remembering

Whisks heavy eyelids...
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