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ce-walalang Jan 9 could have been
...every single word waiting to win the heart of another
...a gift saved for a special reason
...sometimes sentimental but often too shallow
...other times too deep -  i don't know what it means
...a gift saved to be given away
...not expecting anything and always hoping for the best
part 4 of 4
ce-walalang Jan 4 could have been the last train, or
...the song on the radio i tuned in on too late

...a flower in spring that i saw in fall
...or every single thing i wait for

...but like all the well-written prose,
...good things move on
i need to move on. 3 of 4.
ce-walalang Dec 2020 could have been the time between midnight and daylight
...the blue and white lights on the tv when all the shows wrapped up
...the silence between every song
...the space between every word
...the three dots between every message
...the missing that turns everything into something
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ce-walalang Dec 2020
you could have been the gloomy day
beautiful in your own way
a blank palette
capable of becoming what we make of it

you could have been a time to reflect and
admire the beauty unnoticed on a sunny day
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ce-walalang Dec 2020

i promise to keep up.
“it’s just you and me, i’ll go wherever you take me”
ce-walalang Dec 2020
...a certain darkness is needed see the stars truly appreciate the vastness of the universe
...and the searching we might do in it
...and how feeble we are
...and out of all these stars
...we hope that somewhere
...on another planet exactly like this one
...someone is looking at the same sky,
...having the same thoughts.
...a sweet, perfect reminder that
...we are never truly alone.
...and whether we search on or wait still
...we will always have the same sky
...and that’s enough for me.
aliens, love -- where are they?
ce-walalang Nov 2020
...theory: there is a john mayer song for every stage in your life

...on always being told to stay inside the lines
...on living on your own for the first time
...on feeling like gravity wants to bring you down
...on wishing there is an over-the-counter test for your loneliness
...on wanting nothing more in life than to be 6yo again
...on fridays and going away for the weekend
...on finding love in a sandbox or a sidewalk
...on never going to find the perfect rhyme to heavier things
...on feeling like summer is what the whole year is all about
...on feeling like waking up is the hardest part of dreaming
...on dinnertime shadowing
...on being alright even when given an expiring ‘always’
...on never being scared to walk alone, and
...on never being scared to like it
...on pain throwing your heart to the ground, and
...on love turning it all around
...on being in repair, not together but getting there
john mayer
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