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Camille Feb 2019
Why can't it be you,
See me with love in your eyes
It's him, I can't love.
Camille Jun 2018
I remembered
all sorts of words he confided to me,
chanted paeans and rhapsodies lingered from reality.

I captured bits of tormented dreams,
as I felt his presence here with me.
His grin and glare were torture.
His words were knives thrusted too deep.
His sweet lullabies were bitter eulogies to mourn.

I remembered,
the way I casted a glimpse of him,
as he took steps away from me,
it was the end of apathy.

I glanced at how the years have been,
as I burried the odds and ends of him.
My tears were dry of despair.
My eyes were drowned in ecstasy,
My lips curved with glee.
At last, I am free.
Camille Jun 2018
It's 2am.
The dawn traced my face with chill.
the skies are full of jewels tonight,
The moon dazzled through my eyes
The gleaming gems are out again,
There's noone out there,
Except my shadows and me,
And the still waters of the sea.
It's 2am.
I'm saying adieu to all my hopes.
These songs are all flashbacks,
The beauty in your chaos remained vivid,
the darkness in your laughter still blares.
But the thwack in your heart hushed.
I can see you, but I cant feel you anymore.
Feeling nothing is feeling something.
And it's 2am.
No one's out here but me,
and the dying heart you left.
But then, it's 2am.
if the world would rescue me,
I'll always save this void.

Just in case you run back to me.
Camille May 2018
I kept on pushing you,
Yet my heart draws you near.
Would it be a sin if I love you now?
Would you still be free if I fall?
Camille May 2018
There's no sense.
Me and you,
is like letting the tall oak tree,
bend for the lowly grass.
Me and you,
is like the beginning of an ultimate end.
There's no sense,
forcing two opposite poles attract each other.
No sense.
You're an art of colours and abstract,
I'm a tuned out song of here and now.
Camille May 2018
If stars are love
Stare at the night sky
Wish for them to fall.
Written June 2017
Camille May 2018
Darkness invaded this peculiar night
Glitter glams didn't shine,
I heard you scream…
Shouted a name not mine.

Emotions whirled into reality,
Rushing, freezingly burning
You kindled the fire in me,
It burnt out and ashed.

Anxiously hid myself on the corner
Waited for you to come back
I hummed my greatest melody,
You sang the worst eulogy.

Daisies into lovely decayed petals,
Image of your words,demised,
the sweetest bid of goodbye,
     you ended the poem I meant to write.

My odd poetry died.

— The End —