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 Jun 2016 Brider Olen
Matt Berkes
Grains of sand
Suspended in their
Journey beyond
The crevice,
A raindrop
Halted before
Imprinting on
The pavement,
Musty air caged
In my lungs,
Dust in a cloud
Frozen in the room,
Time has not
The decency to
Even crawl
But instead hangs
In perfect entropy,
Dangling the future
In front of me
On the broken hand
Of a clock.
Seconds acquiesce
To each their
Own eternity
And I scream
Into the stillness
But the sound
Never escapes
My own head,
Encased in
A personal, torturous
 Feb 2016 Brider Olen
Devon Webb
 Feb 2016 Brider Olen
Devon Webb
It's hard to stop
the things that
hurt you,
especially when
they're hurting
The funny thing about it is
I never needed a reason to live
Didn't realize I was looking for one
Until there wasn't one to be found
The Suicide Diaries
 Jan 2016 Brider Olen

                    your sadness

                                            doesn't fit

                                                              into words...
 Mar 2015 Brider Olen
Devon Webb
He traced maps
on my back
with the tips
of his fingers
as if I was
the whole world
He takes me by the hand
And he kisses my red lips
He says
'Baby, you're mine you're mine you're mine'
And I look him in his green eyes,
I let the ash from my cigarette fall
And I tell him
'No baby, I am mine, I am mine, I am mine'
 Jan 2015 Brider Olen
Devon Webb
The longest day
I've ever known
was the one I
for you to miss me
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