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ollphéist Apr 2017
your belly up disposition is an emblem
sacrificing itself to a lesser good
and my head in the sand is just an excuse
to not be there for you when i should.
ollphéist Apr 2017
i was an empty melody
and no one was ever kind enough
not to notice

*except him
ollphéist Feb 2017
i am now just a handful of negatives
in a box on the top shelf of your heart.
ollphéist Feb 2017
your eyes are like
the locket
that i wear around my neck
nothing inside,
but i can't stop looking in them

you always knew the softest girl
would let you hurt her the most
her innocence in your fists
she cries easier than the rest
but she crawls into your lap
and begs you to kiss
her busted lip

your hands in her hair,
you feel like you're holding
someone's last breath
she has a little bit of death in her
and you cultivate it
like a garden.

you always knew
she'd be your favorite

you keep her hair
in a locket
that you wear around your neck.
ollphéist Jan 2017
i wish i were something else

her name still rests on his lips
and i taste her when i kiss him
he tells me she's dead but
her ghost is in our bed
and i can't even **** it.

she sleeps between us,
eats at his heart

and he won't even touch me
because i am what she's not.

he tells me she's gone
but i know the harsh bark of her voice
better than i know my own song

i keep singing
and singing
and singing
hoping to cut through what's wrong
i keep singing
and singing
and he knows the words now
but he won't sing along.

no, he won't sing along.
ollphéist Jan 2017
when everything we touch
either turns to ash
or turns to gold
we must learn
when to hold on
and when to let go
ollphéist Dec 2016
i don't think like a poet anymore
i just think like a lost little girl
who desperately wanted the devil to love her
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