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 Aug 2018 e
i touched your soul
and scribbled my name on it
love, you’ll never get lost again
 Feb 2018 e
I once believed in a principle.
That loss gave birth to something new

I once believed in the dark.
And that from the dark comes the light
And light prevails, as I prevail
But then why does the darkness return?
But if the light has foresaken me then
Has the light forsaken me?
Why have you forsaken me?

I once believed in the light.
But the light failed me.
The light gave birth to the flames
The flames of my tragedy
I hate the light.
It left me here in this dark room.

I once tried to find the light in this room,
But they have all been unplugged.
You are never alone. // Nunca estás solo.

— The End —