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20    i whisper to the moon, somehow loud enough for the stars to know my name
29/F/Quezon City    Patuloy lang sa pagmamahal... #TulaArawanNiUAnne
18/F/Iloilo City, Philippines   
16/F/Columbus    she never looked nice she looked like art, and art wasnt supposed to look nice it was supposed to make you feel something
Rick the shoe shine boy
36/M/Couch to couch USA    I have a million poems and narrations...most of which, I can't remember. Follow me on instagram- @rick_the_shoe_shine_boy
i write whatever my emotions tell me to before it escapes my head
Donward Cañete Gomez Bughaw
Laparay, Talusan,Zamboang    Donward shows a great interest in literature, most especially in poetry. He began his writings at the age ten, and later joined the Budjong Publication ...
18/F/Philippines    in the rapture of anything but creative ♔ conqueror
Scaevola Lisianthus
F/In your Heart    Can't hold me down cuz you know I'm a fighter 🎶

— The End —