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Arreonna Frost Dec 2017
Lost souls could not even understand that we have lost everything.
Oh, how the outrage burns me alive!
I wonder how to keep living while someone wishes many of us dead.
I wonder how beauty being scorched to dust can bear such silence as a traitor.
I can't praise war I suppose.
Perhaps many of us can't fully believe how just one problem can play the majority!
Although it is hard!
We seem to visualize that lost souls have no place else to go!
Black out poem from 10/22/16
Arreonna Frost Dec 2017
She carefully vanished leaving me in awe. I could trigger her and cup my hand. She shredded symmetrical unbelievable length from bottom to rim. I watch her go slow to complete and end back at her starting point. A spectacular genetic map in her mind instructed her every step snipping her to lay down whatever was needed to finalize her creation. Then, suddenly, that has vanished, and she settled in for the long stillness.
A blackout poem I did back in January 2017.
Arreonna Frost May 2016
Pacing the bathroom-
wondering what can I do?
Looking for a way,
a way to harm,
a way to feel anything but pain.

Punching the concrete walls,
scraping my knuckles on the drains,
and scratching my wrists with my nails.

The voices grew louder and louder,
telling me of my deepest fears,
and regrets.

The shadows crept over me,
leaving me in the dark,
and draining the life from me.
What I experienced last night...
My voice
In singing tunes
Could make u
Fall in love with me
Be careful
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