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Anne-Marie Sep 2018
My weakness can become my power,
Nobody can tell me something, i just dont hear em.
I'll run and run, faster than you'll notice me.
Faster than you'll can scream at me.
You'll see just my back, and it's not important whatever you think I'll just,
run from all my problems.
From this society where everybody are fake,
and one day
I'll find, for what I was born.
Will you try to change me?

I'm so sick of this.
not everything I write is my mind
Anne-Marie Sep 2018
I thought we know each other, I thought we were dependent on each other.
You said that we'll always be together, but now your words are just an ash on the diary of our unburned memories.
Who are we for each other now?
Anne-Marie Sep 2018
Your voice
at the night,
in the morning,
on a hot day,
in the chilling evening,

It's your voice.

on one of my wall...
on every wall
even your shadow in my window.

I left your prints on my body,
now you'l never leave from my memories.

Will you remember me?
Anne-Marie Sep 2018
This town smells of my cigarettes,
but I don't remember the last time when I was smoking.
The winter here is endless like a train
and my affliction go after it.

Please, say me I will not stay here forever,
It'll destroy me.
I forgot that words about that everything will be better, and all that stupid things you're saying to me while I'm crying.
I'm just going down, down and down, falling down like a dead bird
(have I ever wings to fly?)

Why any of stars in the sky isn't shining to me?
This town exists under the dome, I can't make out anything.

I'm just going down, down and down, falling down like a dead bird
have I ever wings to fly,
or everything is just a dream?
Anne-Marie Sep 2018
I have forgotten all our days,
All words which you wrote to me.

Will you say that it is a mistake now?

The only thought of you had make me cry,
Now I dont know for what I need regret.
I needed to breathe, but you broke me.
How can I forgive you my death
How can I...

Now you're so bad, I can't even remember your smile.
Was you only one who loved me? (say yes)
Now you're so bad, I can't even remember your touchings to me.
Why I wanna see you cry? please, tell me, tell me...

All of that promises of infinity
We wanted it so much.
But why I don't cry now?
Maybe if our last meeting wasn't so vagueness,
Maybe then I would be sad

Please, take my hand
never leave.

Was you only one who loved me?

— The End —