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Anderson Ritchie May 2015
Of those great moments,
the ones where epiphanies occur,
be they on the loo,
or in the stunning view,
they occur more often than not,
in solitude.
Anderson Ritchie May 2014
How many times have you dreamt of her?
Wishing, praying, hoping,
How many times have you silently sat in a corner?
Amidst a crowd of people you know,
Longing to be....away.....

How often do you look out your window?
Often at night to see the few stars
That aren't hidden by the cities lights,
How many times have you found yourself alone?
Sitting in a dark tunnel,
No light in any direction,
Sinking into despair.
How many times have you wanted to escape?
How often?
How often?

I feel like I'm drowning some days,
My burdens weighing me down,
Dragging me to the depths,
All hope and light fading.

It's slow
It's painful
It's deep

It isn't over.
This isn't the end of me.
And suddenly I can breathe.
Fresh and easily.

Something lifted the weight,
Someone took my place,
This isn't the end of me.

It shouldn't be the end of you.
Anderson Ritchie Apr 2014
We shall sleep long into the night,
Our bodies stirring from time to time,
Our eyes are shut, but we still see a world,
We have walked from the wings into the light.

Actors on our own stage,
The set our own design,
The plot our fears,
Our deepest desires,
A beauteous melody lingers,
It fills the air with sweet scents,
Vivid colours, flashes here and there.

The time seems short,
But the story long,
The meanings lost at the time,
But after you awake,
There's only moments to remember,

Lest it drift away,
Unlikely to be remembered,
Anderson Ritchie Mar 2014
An aged battleship retires,
A child with a newborn sibling,
Last months trends and desires,
Or even last years Christmas giftings.

Old news.
Used and abused.

Old ****** news.
Anderson Ritchie Mar 2014
Alone* in the dark, I sat reclined,
My mind bickering, between thoughts.
Questions I have asked Time and again.
Each time asked met with a response
Different from the last. Oh, How this is very

Festering away, burrowing deep,
Exposing ideas long since forgotten.
Scintillas of pain here and there,
Shame and shock, pride and joy,
The entire spectrum of emotions.

Dredge up my mind, 
Till this fertile soil,
Until this mind, indeed my soul too,
Is firmly planted,
Bearing fruit.

But what if I should bear a multitude
Of fruits!? What then? Was this meant 
To be? Or is it a defect and I need to start -
Anderson Ritchie Jan 2014
It's in the hours late at night,
Early in the morning,
When the light is frighteningly absent,
That my soul lingers in deep pondering,
"How can I be great?"
A question with no small,
Or simple answer, but
I'm relieved at this,
Despite my negative thoughts
Which flow quite freely at these hours
A great person is not without fault.

All that I have yearned to achieve,
It lies in wait, like a holiday home
Waiting to be reached!
Although it ***** to have to work,
To suffer in something meticulous,
Or suffer some slings and arrows
Of complete misfortune,
Yes, I know this doesn't quite rhyme.
But despite all of this, there is hope,
And you mightn't see it just yet,
But this is the greatest hope!
Anderson Ritchie Jan 2014
Quite a quandary,
Perplexing predicaments,
This is the modern day
I'm really quite over it,
These.... Feelings...

How things do change!
Out with the old,
In with the new,
This is the way of the modern age.
But that's not my problem,
My problem is emotions!

How do you cope?
How do you survive?
Where do you put them?
Why does it hurt?
Sure, they aren't all bad,
But some are definitely *******!

There's nothing wrong with feeling,
There's nothing wrong with me,
There's something in the air,
Something that makes me feel anything but free!

But the world is not as dull as it was,
Nor did I see the colourful beauty,
The trees lost their life,
The music a little slower,
The river a little stagnant,
The air a little stale.

Day in,
Day out.

How is this fair?
Stressful emotions,
Is this right? Fair? Just?
It doesn't seem right
That these emotions cause stress.
Stresses on the soul,
Weighing heavily on the heart.

My perspective changes!
One day it's abrasive,
The next is smooth and easy,
One is logical, the next is chaotic!

For this is my life,
Emotions born of experience,
Experience produces a reaction,
Reaction produces action,
Action produces experience.

A wheel of emotion and perspective,
It alters my life,
Day in,
Day out.
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