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Amit Shroff Dec 2014
I'm a lonely sailor, down four pitchers,
I'm high and low, how often I don't know.
I'm to take commands, I'm not on my own,
Days with bacchanals, nights with dark.
A deserted sailor, with a salient dream.
Whom I'm to speak with? The sea?
I've lost my tongue, I've lost me.

A pure path leading to the moon,
I hear the echolocation of whales,
It's the only company I can think of.
Threats passing within miles, with sharp red lines,
A twisted fate, I dream dancing on my grave.
I get old, I'm ranked high, my pockets are full.
My heart is dry, and smiles are wry.
Whom I'm to speak with? The sea?
I've lost my tongue, I've lost me.
Amit Shroff Dec 2014
Hearts too have turned dark like the skies,
Cold cries echoes that of the birds,
Everyday an attempt to reach out to thy sought one.
There's a hope he tells.
Searching for that ray among the opaque,
Only he knows to pass a day in solitary,
Staring at the dark corner he a blinded man.
Let her go he hears, she an anchor that's too deep,
He is destined to sink with or without her,
He dived too deep, only can he see the light,
But not the hand.
  Dec 2014 Amit Shroff
vamsi sai mohan
I love you absolutely
and you don't have any idea
of what can I do for you.
Ask me the universe I will embed in your eyes,
and When you close your eye-lids
you can see what I feel and mean,
I can be anything you love,
I can do anything u want,
the only thing is you have to ask me
or I have to know that you need it....
and even by the ripples of your breath
or by the fluttering of your eye-lids,
I would know what you want without being told,
love is not just an utterance...
Love is for me the source of my existence,
and I want it to be as a blend of our existence,
and the divine reflection of our creation.
I love you .....
Amit Shroff Dec 2014
Its said we learn out of experience,
Its contradictory when I look at men in whites.
How many more lives should be lost?
In an endless state of confusion and grief.
The land of Confucius is most corrupt,
And the neighbour a tad better.
No teachings are ever enough,
For those determined to destruct.
Amit Shroff Dec 2014
A line across my forehead, reading my past,
Not so much to boast, but will tell a lot.
A bittersweet lot, so much I've lost,
I am no preacher, just a few words I blabber,
Of friends and foes, and fiends and folks.
I'm like a Monday morning, not greeted well,
All I want to tell is  you keep your well.
The closer we are the deeper it hurts,
What you know of pain? When I go ahead.
Its for you I take it, for a better tomorrow I gulp it,
It hurts when I tell, you're better off without me.
A moment's thought can save me,
You can push me off the cliff, or pull me back.
Like I had thought, its good to be game for it all,
I'm game for life, for days with less light.
Emptier than the void, quieter than the deep sea.
Amit Shroff Dec 2014
This silent atrocity is beyond my resistance,
I don't share the same level of perseverance.
Mere realisation of my existence is enough,
That concern portrayed is more than qualm.
To mind this all the time I'm no fool,
I'm not the one to dream all day and drool.
I learnt life is much beyond you and bit of you,
And yet last night I dreamt so much of you.
It has crossed well beyond infatuation,
It certainly is a sensitive mind, soul institution.
I'm in exultation of this on off situation,
To prove it all wrong is heights of miscalculation.
Amit Shroff Dec 2014
Lie beneath the galaxy in a cathedral silence,
Stay up till the moon dives behind the beige mountains.
Rest on your beast, let the valves take a break,
Treat yourself with a feast, its the only time in your fate.
Slithering into my sack I rest under the canvas,
How peaceful it is far away from all the ruckus.

The monk's prayers bid me with good luck,
I'm off riding in the sparse cold desert.
I stop with the view of a disputed lake,
Miles long the jade blue reflects the golden tops.
In refuge at a monastery, fuel is a luxury,
I'd give up everything for a piece of this little heaven.
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