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  Aug 2020 amanda cooper
i remember the moment
where it all came into focus
after a night of drunken kisses
and lipstick stains
on your autumn sweater.
i told myself this was it
the chance to finish what we started
yet you stood infront of me
eyes casting shadows,
explaining that our stolen embrace
was an impromptu mistake
meaning that to you
we were a blinding moment
and to me, we were the sun.
- this ******* heart will never learn.
amanda cooper Mar 2020
don't pick up the phone,
tell me that my voice is the
nails digging into your back
on a lonely saturday night
and you can't bear the pain anymore

don't hold my hand,
tell me that my iron grip
has crushed your heart for what
feels like the last time and
you can't wait to find out if it's true

don't answer the door,
tell me that the sight of me
spilling my guts on your porch
is a mess that you just can't
bring yourself to clean up this time
inspired by:
joji - "don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms"
old gray - "i will let you go if you want me to"
amanda cooper Feb 2020
the rain poured down around us
as your hand gripped my face
and your hungry eyes
and your hungry hands
just kept asking me for more
but i was in a sorry state,
three pills deep and a
bottle of wine to wash it down
and it was only tuesday night
you never did know when to quit
brick against my back
will never feel the same
amanda cooper Feb 2020
you said my love tastes like
secret dinnertime texts and sweet red wine,
the reckless beginning of a new year,
and the gentle swell of hope
at the promise of something more

but your love tastes like
the burn of whiskey and the ash of cigarettes,
bitter disappointment and regret,
and birthday kisses gifted on
the mouth of someone else

they say that poison tastes so sweet;
tell me, why don't you?
2/25/2020 but i started it like 01/13/2020
saw your picture yesterday and found my inspiration again
amanda cooper Feb 2020
you left me terrified,
wondering if the
distance between
you and her
will ever mean less
than the distance between
your side of the bed and mine
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