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remember i brought it up
and you told me i
softer kind of tea;
flower beds roll
over scars in the road.
winter is my home but
i'm always so

the weight of
my own thoughts...

...all i feel is everything:
self-sabotage is

there are no main characters.
so i exist out in the misty blanket
that lingers after midsummer storms:
stuck in that apathetic draft
that betrays humidity and
its ethos.

chasing an ego in the snow:
appalachia turns it all to ice
and watches me scramble
to an unsteady stance.

i've never caught frostbite,
though i reckon she was
i let mint fester
in the front of my mouth as
a sleeping
while hunger slips in t
                                    -he back of my
throat and i try to forget
 Jun 16 amanda cooper
 Jun 16 amanda cooper
you want to see
how soft and tender my flesh is
and crack the inside of my mind open
like a pomegranate,
ruby jewels spilling onto white sheets.
i offer my plum ripe heart to you greedily
prey wanting to be hunted,
only to be left with sticky hands
from trying to hold myself together
when you walk away.
- we all have a hunger.
 Jun 3 amanda cooper
and now
when we are nothing
but dust
i only wish
that you let me show you
you were always
- so cover me up and know you're enough to use me for good.
 Mar 23 amanda cooper
I was stupid to think
I could put out a fire
with the wave of my hand

You ignited me too
when you told me
my touch burned just a bad

I knew by the lack
of wavering pain
despite the tears I shed

And now I know water
would have done jack ****
against the fire in your head
i used to lay on the snowed-in flowerbeds
of nan's backyard. once it snowed enough,
you couldn't tell that a ****** of perrenials
slept peacefully there: all crushed
and crooked beneath
dirt and ice.

some days she'd come and join me
if the ground was soft enough:
we'd stargaze up into the cosmos
of pine trees overhead and listen
for the stillness of winter - the hush
of silence that lingered in the air.

ivy and henbit writhed
gingerly underfoot:
a quiet dogfight
of frozen earth
that begged a
sluggish spring
to come out of
i wrote this an hour or two ago for a contest on allpoetry! the prompt was a video covering the spring snow storm that occurred in the northeast recently. it had to be less than 100 words and i'm pretty proud of it. cheers. (if you're interested, my username on there is @opheliaswam).
She felt like sin
But not a touch of dirt was on her skin
Another face--another view,
All the effort it's taken to get over you,
With a million places--always on the move,
As this pain inside only grew,
I want to chase--and you know who,
But it's true--just another day and night
That she won't be you,
With these tears I refuse to cry,
Because what's the use?
When you've moved a thousand miles away,
And never again will I see you
I live behind a barbed-wire fence
I watch the world move around me
I watch the way everyone moves on
But I stay here in my barbed wire fence
Like the caged animal
Caught by my fear to move forward
Caught in my fear
The feeling I will never be enough
Keeping me its capture
Even as the years pass us
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