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May 2018
She said she had her "Free papers"

Green cards

Let me ask you,
But this one question,
or perhaps a few
When you walk the fields
see the flowers,
Do you say, cut down the yellow ones
save the pink ones?
Pick the purple pansies,
lay waste to the red ones?
When you plant flowers,
Do you say
One is less than the other,
because of differing beauty?
Do you like the rainbow,
given all it's colours?
Are all those colours,
not what makes it so beautiful?

Two hundred years ago,
We called them "Free Papers"
We call it a green card

Flesh and Flesh
Is what we are.
Last month here, in Tennessee, in Monroe County, ICE raided a church.  That church was hiding immigrants. Those immigrants were loaded up and are being held in Alabama. Some of those church people are still in jail. It made the news here. I don't believe that God, or whomever created us intended this. There is only one race, the human race. And this country that I live in, was founded on the belief that all could come here and seek refuge. I'm sickened.
Written by
Gidgette  UnReality
         Johnny Scarlotti, Diane, The Dedpoet, nivek, H-B and 24 others
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