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kirat Sep 2014
Mind is a prison.
My rantings in my head are bouncing up and down.
this is really stressing.
My Mind is a prison.

I try to meditate.
to come out of my head.
It still feels heavy, what do I do?
I just need to let go, let go, let go, let go, let go.

let go.

Heavy Heavy lift.
to be in the moment.
kirat Jan 2013
more than money,
more than intellect,
more than power,
more than knowledge,

it is the conscience,
that makes one a human being,

it is the conscience,
that makes one Love.

Conscience is Love.
Love is Conscience.

Love overcomes ego,
Love overcomes lust,
Love overcomes attachment,
Love overcomes greed,
Love overcomes anger,
Love overcomes fear,
Love overcomes death.

In the end,
Love hurts, Love is painful, Love is revolution,
this is when we get God.

— The End —