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Mockingbird Nov 2013
Oh lord I am pleased, satisfied and thankful since my birth and until death. Birthdays are to celebrate our own sacred day, many share few know and I am happy for the most of the day, seeing my life fades away, oh please stay I want to die and say goodbye, leave a good impression, special ones maybe are in sad and depression, year after year lives decrease to release our souls to the one holds them all, heads up to the sky, I lied if I said I won't die, what's counts is stored in our hearts, many desires, good intentions don't deny the times you lied, I ain't a sinner nor a saint I am just a passer by, witnesses on the earth, angels above the sky sooner or later we'll eventually die.
Mockingbird Oct 2013
Don't cry, do-don't cry, no wonder why, hold up your tears up so high-up so high, to fall as rains drops, writing is my only escape, craving for more and more to get over my endless sorrow, to write about things I adore, the truth that must be spread and read that we write for our passionate souls, and to survive our darkest holes, that life holds.
Mockingbird Oct 2013
I love the way flowers bloom, then die all at once like humans life, you can't take mine and I can't have yours, the closest people sailed away, took our hearts, left and went away, I thought what we had can't be replaced, but you unleashed your monster and deceived me, I loved you and I will always do, I am trustworthy and I will never lie to you, I was blessed by having you but now I am crying over you, you don't deserve me and you will never do, hearts  aren't games once they are broken they can't be fixed again, I thought the once I loved were angels that lightens my world, but they are monsters who stole my heart, appeared in my dreams part of my reality that seems so real, and now no one can heal my destructed soul, angels aren't what they always seem to be unfortunately.
Mockingbird Jul 2013
I've seen life through my eyes
Obviously they can't lie, silently I cry
Yet I am not shy, over things I can't deny
Everybody owns a life,
so why to judge people lives
We all lie, sometimes die
when we spot a fault in
the ones we love the most
sort of mistakes that can't be fixed,
we rush for judgemental thoughts,
lots and lots of people
we lose just by mistaken their intentions,
we trust the ones that must  believe us,
I am tired of thinking about
what lays behind why do we even mind? Things that mattered the most are nothing,
but lost, nothing worth
to complete for, so why
to bother our selves thinking about the past, things that must've last.
Sometimes, so often many
times when a lie takes the form of the truth all what we should do is just believe it.
Mockingbird Jul 2013
Writing is my only escape, craving for more and more, to get over my endless sore, to write about things I adore, like sitting next the shore watching the blue waves come and go, I've printed my hands on the scattered sand to feel the bareable heat, and watch the people while their having a seat, to wittness such a beautiful scene gave me hope, the truth that must be spread and read that we write for our passionate souls, some things ruled our lives rolled our dice, chains that bordered us must be broken, our wide, pretty not fake smiles should be drawn in our pale faces, chased by the flashbacks of the past, today we are here to wittness the wonders of the wonderful inventions to feel that we are blessed with most wanted life.
Mockingbird Jul 2013
Everything was gone there none I'm the miserable one
living life without having fun, wasting time, no fame neither
a good name, we're just the same, why so lame?
day after a day, nothing stays the same,
I've heard the rain drops
and wished that my life stops, some lost faith didn't believe fate
don't wish over things you may never have,
sooner or later nothing will last.
Mockingbird Jul 2013
Today was nothing,
but a normal other day,
the fear of reality exhausted me,
a 3 years old girl passed away,
life will never be the same again,
she died innocently and went away,
I couldn't cry,
there is no tears in my eyes,
am I wrong or too strong to feel this shock,
it broke us down, to the ground,
hands placed on hearts,
struggling souls need some place to get lost,
will we be able to handle this,
the fact that death is in our way,
right or left we will be caught,
what a tiring thought,
cancer patients fought,
but no cure,
and the ones I love are gone,
I wonder who's next,
congratulations to the rest,
it's not a matter of who lives more,
it's about the one who shall change the world,
the power to create a peaceful life, so we all can survive.
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