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allie downing Jul 2013
I know that look,
don't let my arms unhook from around your neck,
you'll make me cry or laugh trying.
eyes wide or closed you let me see.
the would you filled with oxygen, when I thought only in keratin,
those feathers that prickled now tickle and the waves wash me warm.
you watched films with me, wished and washed away the wanders of the world, stories of curses and castles that move with the ebb and the flow, and I know you said till the north wind blows but I thought you didn't want to go.
you used and abused the power you had over my imagination for hour after hour after hour inill our love ran sour.
but its just four letters that create a sound that escape the lips on unruly men.
So I became caught up looking for my Heathcliff because its me, Cathy at your window and my god its ******* freezing.

so he kissed my lips with his nicotine lies, crept from my lungs just to start on my thighs, built me up, let me down, handed me promises and then let me drown.
but as nights out changed from pastise so saucepan eyes saying goodbye made me realise that I had bigger fish to fry.

but I've been learning and growing learning when to say no and soon enough I can show how to make my own feelings known.
but sometimes tripping's harder when there's someone to catch you, and the hitting's always harder with someone you attach too.
but just wait, wait, wait, see this guys got flaws too and at some point in the future it'll resonate on you.
it burns a hole in my heart that the sun doesn't see and the blame for that pain, yeah well that falls on me.
but creating something you love that is due to the lack of it. in some beautiful way always just brings you right back to it.
but don't let that word slip too quick from your lips because even if not reciprocated when taken back stings, stop softening your words, trying to stretch unborn wings because in that situation there no one who wins.

with people whispering, gossiping , eyes twinkling starts to sing of never ending social mistakes or lies humour and heart breaks, vocal **** spreading takes me to a place where every one fakes there smiles, laughter and good days.
coz sitting pretty's pretty ******* when your stuck in this sitting of self pity and loathing. and when it comes to freedom and adventure, most people here don't dare to dip a toe in. and days go by full of lies of self sacrifice and not looking twice at the sky that could be reached if you had just tried to fly.
allie downing Jul 2013
Bombardment of your senses,
Races to the places you’ve never seen.
Your love for the obscene has been met and matched.
Come forward and ****** what you’ve never seen before.
FLUX will give you more than your eyes can hold,
Breaking the mould,
Watching the chaos unfold into laughter as the music gets louder and faster.
Movement ***** you in as the world starts to spin you on the way to happiness.
Escape the ****** mess of the week’s woes,
Because everyone knows it’s when the beat drops that the stress stops.
The feet rock us to the rhythms so dance with them,
What are you going to do when the freaks come out and play?
At the end of the day,
All you can say is ‘TAKE ME WITH YOU’.
Just live true to your hearts desires.
Be inspired by the rapture,
Let your soul be captured,
By these spirits of fun.
Just go with it and run.
allie downing Jul 2013
swapping our days past for gas masks. your excuses are weak. but you are not, you are strong. we never speak long about the things you feel. we linger on my stresses and strains - they are real but , we find comfort in their pettyness glazed over with brief happiness the day-to-day norm the calm that cant see the storm.
fog blankets us on the hill as the rain shifts to show the lands where terror reigns. it pains me to see you shrug it off, day dreaming is not enough. let time drift, let him slip coz you wont miss him like i do. He is not a weapon he is a friend, how can people find their heaven as a means to yourend

time flys in your company. you and me, the only thing we **** is time and there's none of that to waste you a saving grace. a friendly face, you live life at a different pace but we race through our occational days dreaming up ways to seamingly live and be free you and me, that perfect company.

trying to master the art of the perfect raspberry whilst drinking hot chocolate, to most its not much but you never fail to make me laugh. weather fails to dampen spirits even a gail woul bring a good time with it.
we concluded we cant ice skate with bruises and feet that ache talking late over hot drinks but its half a years worth of winks before i see you again. i dont mind coz when i do its like theres been no gap, weve got big plans, camping and the zoo me and you, we fit and i know you have to leave but believe me its **** to see you walk away to being another half a years worth of days away.
allie downing May 2013
twinkle birds and tessellates, bends my mind to outer space. lands me in infinity of never ending affinity to the universe.
but sweetest ideas were shortly lived at reality slowly sifts away to repeated visions that turn loved faces into panic that glitches me into unbreakable circles of walk away, walk away.
no awareness of a before from this feel the abyss of this helplessness **** me into no ending so I seice to begin.
but as the panic subsides my mind starts to ride the energy that resides in my being from the kingfisher floor to the fish strewn ceiling.
sentient beings **** at the seams, my dream of weightlessness pull the windows to break towards the secrets of simple existence.
invisible water sends the strands of fur swelling and glowing into talk of the polar bear whose hair weaves into the atoms that feed my jumbled dreams.

hands rip through the plaster as the sounds grow louder and faster, helicopters shake the boiler from the pipes but I still feel great.
the tables tremble as I soak up the bass and the treble. sensual overload through my eyes the magic multiplies, angels can hear my sighs as the roof opens to tunnel towards the skies.
geometric patterns that I could never have imagines circle and sweep, creeping my further from sleep.
I have breached something new, an extreme that dares its self to be seen only my the few who ****** it. I grab these new senses and attach it to my masses of emotions, that have been formed my these chemicals. neutrons and protons that explore the breadth oh Pantones schemes, weaving into the atoms that feed my jumbles dreams.

release my mind from the confines of rinse and repeat, out of easy street and onto the sunrise that surrounds me. revelations that never siese to confound me.
destruction was peace pulling my beliefs, daring the world to touch me as the floor tips the cabinets from the walls. I am small. here in this perfect world. my hands make the plants grow as they show me all it takes to break the confines of the human condition is to expand your mind and reposition your nervous system to reach a different supposition.

little lion
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— The End —