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Vincent Gandsey Jul 2014
Joined like a limb to the bark
But sending petals up the breeze
Caught in the act but raveled ribbon with ease
Where's the red hands?
Well what's a couple less friends?
We're already upstate sipping wine
Finding time to bat each lash
Writing the numbers & counting the cash
What's a red herring?
Well why not live a life more daring?

Steel that nerve, put it on books
What's a feast without the cooks?
Vincent Gandsey Jul 2014
What's in the cut, on the cusp?
She's like me and I’ve spied her
They'd let the keys rust
Change the locks, burn the home
He feels the itch, gathers the sticks
She kills the lights & hunts on her own
Vincent Gandsey Mar 2014
That which inspires their poems, acts of love & science,
land you on a mantle melding trust and violence.
Can't tell what's worse: the karma or the trending.
Got us asking "who want what"? Which pigeon are you sending?
Vincent Gandsey Sep 2013
See your face in the trees on 95 east
Turn sand to glass, deep breath to a peak
All we ever want is to show ambition & will
Try to listen & grow, see the apex a thrill.
Vincent Gandsey Jun 2013
Turn the pages, hope it gives you space
They smell the anger & they love the taste
We have our ideas but we can't read text or tone
Turn the pages, take the turns too fast
I know your kin & know what shakes the mast
We have our knowledge but we can't call it our own.
Vincent Gandsey Jun 2013
Awaken these old bones, remember who you've been
There's love, pain, poems to taste, to greet and dismiss
She says she knows I call them 'songs'
I know she calls them 'dregs'
And we can't go on for long,
as these lungs will not grow legs.
Vincent Gandsey May 2013
Tough talk,
if it hits the drain, bubbles just like gut rot.

Punk rock,
she was starved but survived when cut off.

Arrival of the fittest,
is that lion's growl or kitten's meow?

She of grace & grit, made a meal out of my nerve.
Said: "Goodbye's for other times,"
but I couldn't track the curve.
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