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Alex Gifford Jun 2020
Every year comes less defining.

Deeper roots and with less pining.

Past decisions, cobblestone.

Better think before you sow.
Alex Gifford Mar 2020
Hiking makes a man near sighted,
running makes him blind.

Stop and gaze at the horizon,
see with open mind.
Alex Gifford Mar 2020
My shortcut took months longer.

Though not steeper
Much more winding,
And not deeper
Yet more pining.

Take a shot,
And scar your liver.
But the easy way's
Alex Gifford Mar 2020
A retired man returns to work:
he's tired of his freedom.
Watched every show,
Read many books,
The lone-king of his kingdom.

A life of striving, working, waiting,
finally completed.
Now finds it empty,
finds it wasted,
hope has been depleated.

He woke at last before his death,
and let out one last sigh.
Reflections hurt,
Regrets aplenty,
Long past time to die.
It's not uncommon for people at my work to return from retirement because they found being retired too boring.

How sad to spend a lifetime hoping to retire and then find it isn't that great. They could have spent their life doing something that mattered more to them, or pursuing better goals. May it be a reminder for us to be careful with our lives.
Alex Gifford Feb 2020
You caught me...

I don't really like poetry,
I just like complaining.
Alex Gifford Feb 2020
Truth will always win
though the arrogant seem tall.
The man who says there is no cliff
will be the first to fall.
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