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It's better to get your ducks in a row,
Hey, at least you've got something to show,
In case they just come and go.
Just a little safety net, you know.

Keep a tally of chickens, only when hatched,
And do ignore the premature batch.
Not like it's gonna get snatched,
Impulsive inklings you rather not catch.
Go figure. I'm back.
The sky was dark, rain was pouring
I'm already here and it's so boring
Fresh faces are all around me
Please help me God, I am drowning!

A million pair of eyes were staring,
Followed by millions of voices screaming
As i walked down the dark hallways,
"I can't do this" i hear myself saying.

The clock goes 'tick-tock' as i walked the blocks,
Through days of laughter and also shock
The dark clouds lifted and there was light
I found a new home, that needs no lock.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining
I'm sad to go, wow that's surprising!
Thank you for all the bright colours,
My sunshine and flowers, keep on blooming.
Here's to my SMK Seksyen 9 students. The practicum was one of the best experience i've ever had in my life. I thank God for crossing our paths together. I'm so glad i met all of you and i hope that we will see each other again soon!
The heart's quite a peculiar business huh?
Flushing faces red at the closest convenience,
Beating like mad in that bony enclosure,
So sure that it'll cure yesterday's fissure?

When I say the heart's craft is unusual
Remember the times you rubbished romance?
Look at you now, all smitten and smug,
Forgotten that you once ran out of luck.

That pumping ticker is a cause for conundrum,
Never once thought it's calamitous cavity filled
Used to look at the gaps between my fingers,
Now it's where your slender digits linger.

It's mad how a lump of flesh acts so bizarre,
Where the red doors were once mauled mush,
Stands someone so special, she's salient,
The only medication needed for my ailment.
If you ask me, there's
a concrete reason
As to why the saying,
"Heads over heels"
is correct in every way possible.

You fall, and fall hard.
Till it's almost impossible to get up again.
One astray Jenga block pulled,
Down toppling you go. You lose.
******* hell.
How does it feel?
To have made one's queen bed
only to have them
not come home?
To only tell you
they've slept in
a king bed last night?

How, does it feel,
To have brought
an umbrella for one
only to see them
under another's roof?
Joyously sipping hot tea?

How? How does it feel?
Tell me how.
Because I'm unfamiliar with it.
I hate your big, gummy smile,
The way I hate Tesco's cereal aisle.

And I'll always love that grainy lane.
Even on days when it looks so plain.

But seriously,
I loathe your gummy grin,
The way I loathe that cereal lane.
Oh dear, knock on my door,
Check if anyone's home.
Ignore the "Closed" sign,
Just stride right inside.
I'll wipe my half-dried eyes
and embrace you again.
Diluted dregs, I'll mix anew,
A full cup you'll have, in lieu.
Have a sip, lift that sour frown,
I promise you'll be safe & sound.

Knock on my door, oh dear,
I'm always idle here.
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