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No one’s ever made me feel quite this way
You melted my heart from miles away,
The melodies my heartstrings now play
Just makes me sway night and day.

Your laugh, your energy, your smile
I wish it could be bottled in a vial.
Missing you and the next time we dial,
I’ve never felt this way, wild!

Though we’re kilometres apart my sweet girl
How I wish we could twist and twirl,
Not a single care in the whole wide world.
I miss my dear girlfriend so much, the pandemic ***** *****. Babe, this is for you!
She means a whole lot to some people,
Maybe not so much to others but
then again, this heart doesn’t fancy
her to be too sought after!

She’s many things. Pleasant? Yes.
Charming? Definitely. Straightforward? I must hope so. But most of all,
she takes everything in her stride, albeit shakily.
It joys me the slightest seeing her
flustered when making decisions,
But never will I laugh at any.
After all, I am one of them!

She shares some interests of mine
Doesn’t understand the rest, though...
It’s fine, nevertheless, because we
don’t always have to be on the same page,
Suffice that we’re in this at the same pace.

As Billy Joel brilliantly said,
“She’s always a woman to me,”
Well, I’m glad she’s my woman.
This goes out to my brilliant and lovely girlfriend. I hope you know how much I care about and appreciate you, babe!
We tend to be self-destructive
And for what do we owe that to?
For whom and what reasons,
Do we rip these parts of ourselves,
Trying to piece it in the oddest of places, when so glaringly obvious
that they don't belong?

We cry endless oceans of tears
Drowning in them, bizarrely,
For our own indulgence! But
at the same time, we're
thrashing in the currents,
Praying for dry land while
also surrendering all hope.
We're all honestly just trying to survive another day, no?
Are you familiar with that feeling?
The one you get when you finish a good book,
Or when your favourite TV series ends?
Or even, when one chapter of your life closes,
And you have to step through the threshold of a new page?

Well that threshold, for me
Has always been a great towering wall.
I'd always have the means to climb,
But never will I want to or feel like I should.
It seems that I'm needlessly clutching at straws,
While the guns of change point to my temples, drawn.

Somehow, I eventually had to scale through the fears,
And just nick a few pieces from every threshold I pass.
You know, when days are looking pretty cloudy ahead,
I'll just reach in my pocket and look at them
To see how much has moved, and smile.
I just realised that it's reached that point where I have to cross again.
You're always stuck in my mind
Like an endless catchy jingle,
When the stars have all aligned
Love and fate start to mingle.
This fool's heart tingles and softens,
A chaos of large proportions.

Somehow you're also the calm
Surely arriving as seas rush to shore,
You got me in that cute palm
Gently nuzzle my heart like never before,
The serenity, the lull of your grin
Takes me to places I've never been.

Take me back, the seat you left is still warm
One more time, I want to dance in your storm.
I feel weirdly warm and dumb. Huh.
The hoots of an owl petrify me
Haunting memories of a blighted life,
A thousand and one nights of enigma,
An existence plagued with uncertainty
And a thousand masks abandoned.
Confused with every reflection I see.

Though they all look similar,
None of them felt perfectly poised.
For the mold that grows under
Rots as time takes its tearful toll.
Primal instincts screaming to be heard
While soft pats tries granting it solace.

But alas, albeit raised by a wolf,
Romulus and Remus too, were naturally human.
I am just so confused with myself, what it wants and needs. I don't even know who I am anymore sometimes, and that's okay.
Oh you fickle being, you.
Always one to never shy away
From opportunities of affection
To spread your wings and take flight.
But sadly,
You soared too high every time
Always too close to the sun
And spiralling down you go
Into the bottomless pit below.
Why am I the way I am?
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