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Mar 16
She means a whole lot to some people,
Maybe not so much to others but
then again, this heart doesn’t fancy
her to be too sought after!

She’s many things. Pleasant? Yes.
Charming? Definitely. Straightforward? I must hope so. But most of all,
she takes everything in her stride, albeit shakily.
It joys me the slightest seeing her
flustered when making decisions,
But never will I laugh at any.
After all, I am one of them!

She shares some interests of mine
Doesn’t understand the rest, though...
It’s fine, nevertheless, because we
don’t always have to be on the same page,
Suffice that we’re in this at the same pace.

As Billy Joel brilliantly said,
“She’s always a woman to me,”
Well, I’m glad she’s my woman.
This goes out to my brilliant and lovely girlfriend. I hope you know how much I care about and appreciate you, babe!
Written by
Ahmad Azry Ahmad Razally  24/M/Malaysia
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