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20/M/El paso    Im just a child living with depression, theres nothing else to it. I found an outlet for these broken thoughts and im making the best ...
Semi-literate Poet
Amanda Kay Burke
25/F/Alaska    When the root is deep there is no reason to fear the wind
Matthew Berkshire
Chicago    From Miami, studied in New England, live in Chicago. Inspired by everything, awed by most, saddened by little.
Jesse stillwater
I take the liberty to call myself a thinker, an occasional poet, out here adrift — Jesse e Stillwater — all rights reserved
Ashley Rodden
32/F/Missouri    Writing is my way of expressing the clutter in my mind. © Ashley Rodden. All rights reserved
Orange Rose
21/F/Under a Willow Tree    The works found on this page are my own works unless they are found in a collection, or are stated as such. Comments welcome, plagiarizers ...
23/M/South Carolina    Thank you for reading my words. You may contact me here any time if you wish. I like reading comments and messages. Thank you again.
Lillian May
F    "for from Him, through Him, and to Him, are all things." -Romans 11: 33-36 - - "He said: 'its all in your head' and I ...
Speaking Eyes
Ravindra Kumar Nayak
30/M/India    Loves writing poems, a nature lover,an Engineer and the maximum time a philosophic dreamer.
19/F    everything changes
tyja the cat
22/san francisco    I love and create haikus, music, cats and coffee. I don't create cats.
S K Anderson
18/F/neverland    “Give, share, lose—lest we die, unbloomed.”
19/Non-binary/Ohio    3 dailies, and still can't post poems in the actual poem box. Lol
Therese Syang
F/Cebu, Philippines    Learning and Growing with Optimism (visit my travel blog, link bellow )
Kate Rebecca Hopwood
Hadrian Veska
Possibly a human being
Pauline Morris
51/F/Southern Illinois    My poetry mainly deals with the darker side of feelings and issues of today's world All poems are copywrite protected
15/F/Florida    Drowning in a sea of words
Zoulaikha Al-Aghbari
16/F/Pluto    living under a cloud.
Words are so easily spoken but rarely ever meant. Be wise of the words you speak don't allow vinum to flow from your tongue as ...
Kimberly Jane Sioco
F/Manila, PH    Here goes the words that I have no audacity say.
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