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The test of our hearts is when we lay on the floor.
Naked and deprived of who we are.

May blanked love hold us in it's cotton hands.
To learn to love - to learn to stand.
Nathaniel Feb 23
Some hopeful wish-
to get away.
From the far,
the lost,
the yesterday.

Feel the dreamer-
**** and hearty.
Drinking sweet,
and clean,
soul of barley.

Echoes linger-
in mind's forth view.
Of troubles,
ever old,
and screaming new.

Patient they wait,
white and faceless.
Time to pass.
Too young-
too graceless.
Nathaniel Feb 23
If you could compare misconceptions, how would you? What would be the commonality of confusion you could you offer? Is it individual? A hearty abyss of inconsequential details separating the changer from the changed -  the manipulator and the dirt. Explainability leaves gaps that we will not bridge.
Nathaniel Feb 23
We explode into a cloud of blood.
A meaty burst of flame and flesh.

You should offer to drive for this road trip.
I need to stare out the window and disappear.

Just for a little while.
Then we can switch.
Nathaniel Feb 18
Bless his heart.
Who's next?
Please, God, give all of us time.
Why are you so cruel?
Where is the reason?
He was a 17-year-old boy.
The salt was meant to melt the ice
and now it soaks a boy's blood.
A tragedy.

Rest in peace young boy.
'We have to do better'
Nathaniel Feb 16
in the wake of this moment
we hold our dry faces with hands

in the wake of this moment
we hold to be better brands

in the wake of our seclusion
we grasp to what we know is true

in the wake of our seclusion
we gasp for a holy few

in the wake of our improvement
we prove to be sink further to delusion

in the wake of our improvement
we prove to find some solution

in the wake of this written glass
we see a cloud beyond the horizon

in the wake of this written glass
we hear the final siren

May technology lift us to Elijah, to accelerate us faster into the ground -  irises bleached with pictures of the screen.
Nathaniel Feb 16
As I float through my chair's arm.
A hug goes through my spine.
My knees hit the floor but only to climb.
I sink through the floor, seeping through
the cracks in the wood.
Feet thunder to my locked door.
While my laptop waits for me.
You will never feel my warm hands again,
pressed against your keys.
You and I lay silent.
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