I set sail
   from your eyes
       through your oceans
   back to your eyes

Home is where the heart is
Across the oceans..
Thousands miles away..

Sometimes when its about to rain
I glimpse the source of my pain
'I love you'
Aloud, in my secret or through my scream

I close my eyes
to fall in love
with the way
I remember you

In the end
         I couldn't
                just ignore
       how the sun
kissed her eyes

Spring morning
23 degrees
7:13 AM
heavenly breeze
a walk to work
smell of ochre trees
wet dirt;
birds dancing
cold sunshine
touching my skin
Goodmorning barista
primo decaf, please
the girl wiping the floor
smiles, good morning sir
...on the bench
eyes closed
inhale, listen , smile
weird pose
the moment freezes
a sip of coffee
plays back memories
beep, beep, beep
health watch:
2km 2053 steps
7:55 AM

When I taste memories in my coffee...
I put forgetfulness instead of sugar...

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