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Precious Navarro Jun 2019
What’s crazy but sensitivity deeply hidden?

He wants to dance but laughs instead, comedy killing?

He loves to love but hides under hulk like behavior,

So up and down, whatever direction he goes he’ll stay as under cover lover,

He’s called Christopher.
Precious Navarro Jun 2019
To fall in love with oneself...

To fall in love with life,
To fall in love with a thing,
To TRULY fall in love  with someone,

You first need to fall in love with yourself...

Oneself...Do you know who you are?
Do you like you when you’re alone?
When you look in the mirror?

To fall in love with you, turns the Nature’s hormones on!
Bringing colors to your sight, aroma in your smell, texture through your touch, music through your hearing, and flavor through your taste....

— The End —