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insane Mar 2020
i would spend my life
watching beautiful
sunsets with you ;
insane Mar 2020
i think i'm not ready
to write another poem
to break my heart
myself ;
insane Mar 2020
i would spend my whole life
missing you ;
insane Mar 2020
my thoughts are
wandering between
my deadly dreams and
beautiful nightmares ;
insane Mar 2020
too much truth to be told
but feelings are left unsaid
voice drowns with my thoughts
and finally the darkness consumes me ;
insane Mar 2020
I've wasted so much time
between waiting and
wondering ;
insane Mar 2020
he had himself
etched in her

no matter what,
no time,
no hate
would erase
the part of him
that he left behind
in her mind ;
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