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You are
your own kind
Your own peace of mind.
Sometimes I laugh on my own
Like nothings wrong
But honey i am not strong
I am weak
That's why I always sing this song
Because it's you for whom I long
Without you
And this is true,
I am just a young man, pale and blue
Call it
Or just my heartbeat,
It's all the same to me.
You are the temple
Where only the purest
Will worship, and the
Impure will tremble.
I have the utmost hope
That people do care.
But hopes are always crushed
By Reality.
We have come to this world,
And so we have to live it,
even If life is the poison we so fear,
We have to drink it.
Please don’t hurt me…
My heart’s made of glass.
Clear enough to show that you occupy it,
But fragile enough to break with the slightest hit
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