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Khushnuma yaade hai, mere dil mein tumhari
Aur dil ko dukh hai ki tum nahi ** hamari
I will be okay.
My heart is aching and I can't
Stop crying.
You don't love me like you use to.
You don't need me like you once did.
Maybe not tomorrow.
Maybe not next week.
But in time I will be okay.
#okay #tomorrow #next #week
life in bloom beyond a dream
one of fairest things I've seen
Her body,
and soul
in its entirety,
is like an N52.
world's strongest magnet that is 500,000 times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field.
Am I
to her?
You might

written by me... ..
If i were to describe
How things have been going lately…
I would say, I am still,
Seeking that emoji…
PS. This is very deep
Sometimes, she Still
tears me apart…
But I’ve been trying,
To find the remedy for a broken heart…
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