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1.4k · Oct 2018
Whit Howland Oct 2018
so I am writing you
something breezy
to make you think

of a kite on a string

for the stratus

swaying and  gliding

like one partner
in a ballroom dance

as it soars
higher and higher
on its journey
980 · Aug 2021
The Gift
Whit Howland Aug 2021
A shiny ribbon
some glitter

paper folded

edges taped


the best gift
you ever gave us

was and always will be
each other

whit howland © 2021
An impressionistic word painting. An original.
854 · Mar 2021
Whit Howland Mar 2021
I could kid myself
and say that you are in me
but really

I am just trying
to force the issue by attempting
to conjure you

as well as delay the inevitable  

waterworks the aching
and the pain

so with that said
it is time to give you
and me the much needed

we deserve
and just

end this!

whit howland © 2021
An abstract word painting. An original.
Whit Howland Sep 2018
Back then
I thought the letter
you sent
was nothing more
than a kiss off

but today
twenty years later
sitting on Art Hill

your ghost
down at the edge
of the pond

and loving and
the words you
once wrote

and appreciation

I am knowing that
this revelation
didn't didn't come with
age or through prayer
which begat wisdom

but  from just
watching these
balloons launch
and soar higher
and higher

butting up against
the blue sky

and almost
breaking through
to the heavens
784 · Jul 2019
Whit Howland Jul 2019
I've come to love

and know
the color blue to mean
not a Blue Monday
Blue Note or joke
and don't much care to sing the Blues

or for that matter
give them
because truth be told
most of the time

I want to caucus
with those
pumping and stumping
for a Blue Hawaii
or the warm blue waters

pickling poetically
the clam shell white bottom

of Palancar Reef

Whit Howland © 2019
774 · Jul 2019
Orange Crush
Whit Howland Jul 2019
Bright orange
liquid served

in a wavy
glass bottle

so sweet
and tingly

riding its way
your gullet

like pounding surf

what memories

of such a crude
but tasty delight

and of a sunny
long lost

California afternoon
728 · Jul 2019
Lombard Street
Whit Howland Jul 2019
We walk uphill
almost parallel  
with the sky

but like all our other

we are out
to conquer different things

mine is to take this hill
one paced but ragged

breath upon breath
foot over foot
to plant my flag

yours is to shutter
to and fro

distilling object
place and time
and what is now

into an orderly
chronicle of us

Whit Howland © 2019
718 · Mar 2021
Whit Howland Mar 2021


augmented with a swirl
of whip cream

and life clicks by
like a carousel

way too fast

whit howland © 2021
An impressionistic word painting. An original.
691 · Jul 2023
Summer Lament
Whit Howland Jul 2023
The muted bell
of an ice cream truck

of my youth
the red white and blue

of  a bomb pop
left on my lips

and a tear that long ago
turned to salt

667 · Aug 2017
Postcard of Malta
Whit Howland Aug 2017

I've seen you
only in sepia tones
on a cardboard postcard

you're a little turquoise bay
rimmed with toy houses
and piers with matchstick boats

that dangle on strings
as they rise and fall
with the tide

we've never met

but I feel
we're kissing cousins
and like Saucelito

I'll dig you

and I'll envelope myself
in your streets your cafes
your denizens

and though I may
never know you
I feel I finally understand
what true love is

as I continue to mold you
like you are rich
river bottom clay

  Whit Howland © 2017
Whit Howland Sep 2019
to write about
how much I miss you

I want to create
from a place

songs of

are not
for those who
all night

but for ones
who refuse


© Whit Howland 2019
Not so much the message, but about the function of poetry in general.
642 · Sep 2021
Whit Howland Sep 2021
The sun shines so early
this morning

but your face reads cloudy
with a chance of smiting rain

what do we do where
do we go from here

I've taken this journey
with you before

to the point of no return

whit howland © 2021
640 · Nov 2019
Moon Glow
Whit Howland Nov 2019
your face
in abstract shades

solid features like
eyes ears and nose

fell prey
to brush and blender

transformed now
into degrees of moon glow

Whit Howland © 2019
Abstract Word  Painting. De-personification of the moon.
635 · Sep 2021
Eye Opening
Whit Howland Sep 2021
A slash of red
on white canvas

aggression maybe

might is right
so clear

and pure

lots of kicking and screaming

I know that now

whit howland © 2021
635 · Jul 2018
Johnny's Guitar
Whit Howland Jul 2018
it is with deepest regret
that i don't have something better
to tell you about love

about being a sugar cube
you stir into a cup of coffee
to make it less bitter

its never worked that way for me
and I've always had to think

of something tired and stripped
of all its varnish  and dignity

something I've already asked
way too much of and yet
is still there for me  
night after night

when my voice  and words
have long since failed

@ 2018  Whit Howland
596 · Mar 2022
March Madness
Whit Howland Mar 2022
Much simpler
than a scramble
for a basketball

I'm crazy for the trees
to bud

for the warm air
and the thaw

and the crisp walks
under a freshly
minted blue sky

but most of all
I'm mad for you
that's right

it's mad love

for the woman
I would not have
any other way

that I want to march with
down the road
to our golden years.
581 · Aug 2017
To Puddles
Whit Howland Aug 2017
Your circus friends
the roustabouts trapeze girls
and all the other clowns

they've seen the light
and that's why they'll never call
and you know they'll never write

because of this
you swim in pity

to the joy of thousands
of  hollow fans

Whit Howland ©2017
572 · Jan 2022
Whit Howland Jan 2022
wrinkled with age

but trusty

case in point
without the fluff

we are talking about a grip
that's been through it all

seen it all
and stood the test of time
A word painting with a straightforward message.
572 · Nov 2019
Sunday at the Beach
Whit Howland Nov 2019
to disappear


red jade orange
dots or points on a paper or a fabric

and the ocean

blue splashes
with white

as the summer sun burns
at its brightest
before it drips and melts down to its wick

© Whit Howland 2019
Impressionistic Word Painting
551 · Aug 2023
Whit Howland Aug 2023

nothing to it

you are making this way too hard

but it is hard
for a square peg

in an ocean  
of round holes
548 · Feb 2021
Jigsaw Puzzle
Whit Howland Feb 2021
A swatch of sky
literally blue

a patch of green
light to dark

swirls and flourishes
impressions of flowers

red brick
and the color of stone

eyes ears hands feet
and a nose

is it deep
it is not

and it isn't really that

it just takes time
and patience

whit howland © 2021
A word painting with a straight forward message.
547 · Jul 2019
Carribean Cruise
Whit Howland Jul 2019
gentle water
lapping the hull

bossa nova
clinking glasses
a tickle
of the piano's ivory keys
and you're lost

in giant strawberries
of a daiquiri
dribbling down your chin
onto your palm frond top
and shorts while you

swing and sway

tomorrow Ocho Rios Jamaica
but today sun and sea

tonight the crown stars
and a ruby juicy
fingernail moon

Whit Howland © 2019
536 · Jun 2019
Walking Taormina
Whit Howland Jun 2019
What seemed like
a long ride of
growling diesel
on a slash of road

up an
unforgiving cliff

once we gleaned
that ours
was not to battle

but rather
refer the case  
to a higher court

and now up here
in Taormina

the sky is clearly blue
the air so sweet and light

streets are  ruled with beyond
what we thought was gold

they're platinum

and the Cannolis

are to die for
526 · Jul 2023
Electric Blue
Whit Howland Jul 2023
The color of your
ballpoint pen

I used to scrawl
on the Post-it note

Are we ok

I think
that's a fair question

don't you
497 · Feb 2021
Slices of Ham
Whit Howland Feb 2021
just one minute
in the microwave

and watch it bubble and


slabs of fat
and all

Lord please

let me be forever

and gladly  and

my penance

whit howland © 2021
464 · Aug 2022
"That's my time"
Whit Howland Aug 2022
In the sun
and that I have

for my day
in court

not in front
but behind the mic

without it
my voice is timid

my resolve flimsy
and shifting
An abstract word painting.
457 · Aug 2022
Whit Howland Aug 2022
they have no tails

and not much of one to tell

just *****
of nonsensical verse

and joy

the mind is best
when the mind is at play

An abstract word painting.
457 · Aug 2021
Natural Observation
Whit Howland Aug 2021
Sun's rays

the bronchial

of the bare trees
in late Fall

leaving me with
windless and limp sails

whit howland © 2021
A word painting. An original.
450 · May 2021
Whit Howland May 2021
i sweep
the floor

i drag your valises
up to your room

I park your

i avail
or profit from your loss

i am your worst nightmare
as i stamp out all existence of you

whit howland © 2021
An abstract word painting.
443 · Jul 2019
Last day on the job
Whit Howland Jul 2019
Not the first day of the rest
of your life

nor a chance to revel
in new beginnings

trains have already
left their stations and ships
their ports

some advice my grandmother
once gave

just write a note

I've treasured our time
sorry it couldn't have lasted longer

but alas

it was perhaps 
as long as it needed to be

whit howland  ©  2019
The idea of not knowing what it all meant and why it had to go.
434 · Dec 2021
Note on the Refrigerator
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Went to the store
for bread

eggs sugar
and milk

don't worry
about this morning

all will be well
An imagistic word painting. An original.
428 · Jul 2023
Cotton Candy
Whit Howland Jul 2023
Usually spooled
pink fluffy

sugary stuff
it's there

in your mouth
then it dissolves

then we're not

is never sweet sorrow

425 · Jan 2021
Whit Howland Jan 2021
To be hell ridden
of the itch of worry

are words I wish
I wrote

but alas
they are what I've found

more vestiges
of you

for much of what
I own

poetically is

and the best
I can do
420 · Jul 2019
Whit Howland Jul 2019
past simile
past metaphor
we longed again
for clanking


the shrieking
so bad
we could no longer
turn our backs
or shut the door

we called

a plumber worked
into the night

snaking the drain

his pound of cure
could only repair

whit howland  © 2019
404 · Feb 2021
Tired Eyes
Whit Howland Feb 2021
The glow of the cigarette
still bright orange

but yet it droops
and blue smoke curls

upward causing
a set of pale blue

watery eyes
to blink rapidly

is a powerful force

that sets many wheels
in motion

whit howland © 2021
A word painting with a straight forward message. An original.
398 · Oct 2019
London Skyline
Whit Howland Oct 2019
London Eye
                you spin
                     you twirl

all circular motion
                    so high
                       above a city

Big Ben though silent
                you still keep time
                               so fast
slipping through the gaps
                    my hand
                          sifting sand

the guard


the Thames
         steady moving
              crossing bridges

              when we come

Whit Howland © 2019
More Abstract Word Art with word play. Imagistic stream of consciousness.
393 · Jul 2019
Ghiradelli Square
Whit Howland Jul 2019
Not new
but new to you

your first Nikon
my father gifted

when he saw
your countless

it was six years old

but it was like
a wrecking ball

concrete blocks
and mason's tools

******* in an
ethereal sky blue

which sparked
your desire for art
and commerce

coupled with my need
to find again
the line and verse

in the harbor fog

and record it
for posterity

that ultimately
leveled and rebuilt

in what felt like
three days

a  beautiful thing

that will
and should never

cease and desist

Whit Howland © 2019
391 · Oct 2022
Cup of Water
Whit Howland Oct 2022
No surface tension
as it is filled
just below the lip

and it rests
on a coaster
sitting on a T. V. tray

what is there more to say
that when you met me

you thought
I was a tall
cool drink of water

of which you never sipped
let alone
ever even drank
389 · Aug 2023
Whit Howland Aug 2023
Still resonant on my
hollowed-out soul

do you think we paid too much
for this apartment

she asked
all those years ago
387 · Jan 2022
Whit Howland Jan 2022
Boxes of stuff
by mechanical pigeons

flitting about
from street to street

eggs and spam
sizzling in a frying pan

the bouncing ball
the Yellow Brick Road

if we follow the plan if we paint
by the numbers

our wedding picture
on the mantle

forever young
as we slide gracefully

into our golden
An impressionistic word painting. An original.
383 · Nov 2019
Snowy Afternoon
Whit Howland Nov 2019
The little brush
used to dab over words
typed or misspoke

and that made globules
of white paint
on the page

someone's whiting out a canvas

over images and words
that have grown stale
and no longer serve them well

Whit Howland © 2019
A word painting
382 · Nov 2019
a drawing of Paris
Whit Howland Nov 2019
but the shape
of things to come

the Seine
Notre Dame
in pencil rubbings and erasures

the mind
a potter's wheel
with clay raw and ready to be tossed

Whit Howland © 2019
Word Painting.
377 · Jan 2022
Broken Sunrise
Whit Howland Jan 2022
with a red-orange sunrise

crack that sunrise like an egg

and let the yoke and white slop
into a mixing bowl

do we then beat that egg

scramble it
or do we fry it or

maybe poach

we just leave that broken sunrise
in the bowl on the counter

someone else's gift
or curse
A surrealistic word painting. An original.
374 · Jul 2019
Whit Howland Jul 2019
even for
the non aficionado

when you say
such trite things as

step up to the plate

knock it out of the park

they can still feel
the solid oak of the bat

smell the oiled
leather of the glove

and hear the crack

as the ball soars
higher into the sky

past the cheap seats
and beyond

and I wonder

how could I
have dismissed

these words
and turns of phrases

so raw
sweet and bardic

Whit Howland © 2019
374 · Jul 2021
Marco Polo
Whit Howland Jul 2021
The cool aquamarine water

as it kisses the skin
and we move like fish


in self-induced darkness
to the cadence



as well as serendipitous

whit howland © 2021
An impressionistic word painting.
372 · Apr 2021
Whit Howland Apr 2021
It's what it's not

your last nerve

or  your life like a baby tooth
hanging by a thread

or the train wreck or
the accident on the highway

you cannot
look away from

and it is not and never will be
staring into the abyss

with no light
at the end of the tunnel

whit howland © 2021
For everyone. Love all of you.
369 · Jun 2019
Whit Howland Jun 2019
but today
the sky was a canvas
of royal blue

the sun
a  blooming flowery yellow

and that's why
I can't say what I wanted to say

something about
for such hallowed ground
you're quite a ***** place

it just wouldn't fit
the  tone and tenor of this moment
however quick it is

because on this breezy
less then hazy
temperate afternoon

I know there's
someone up there that loves you

much like they love me too
367 · Mar 2022
Spring Snow
Whit Howland Mar 2022
Like a giant hand
shaking a box of soap flakes
all over the place


wiping dry


the last gasp
or a new beginning
A word painting.
366 · Dec 2022
First Watch
Whit Howland Dec 2022
Eggs Benedict
ham on rye
with freshly squeezed

orange juice

and I'm reminded
of you
and our first breakfast

with that sizzling
we made together
A whimsical word painting.
366 · Oct 2019
Positano, Italy
Whit Howland Oct 2019
terracotta pink
sun-washed peach
they tumble down

tumble they do
to the sea  

the Amalfi coast
its steep and
slanted streets

where wisteria
grows on hotel walls

though paint does peel
stucco crumbles
and awnings fade

even in its sometimes
tattered state
it's  still a weathered beauty

Whit Howland © 2019
Sentimental word art. A little more Rod Mckuenish than I'd like, but oh well.
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