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5d · 227
Glorious Morning
This morning your eyes sparkled
as you talked

to the birds that chirped
through the screen

then you shimmied up
your scratching post

I wish I could take back what happened
to you three weeks ago

and found you before it was
too late

my cross to bear but
bear it I will
Apr 30 · 174
Stand Up
Whit Howland Apr 30
Take my wife


as in also
you  stand up





and also


Apr 16 · 262
Bar Magic
Whit Howland Apr 16
It's the small acts of magic
like the floating bar napkin

the dime for every quarter
or the clean separation

of two straws
tangled as lovers

somewhere south of heaven

these little sleights of hand
turning heads everyday

and changing minds
Apr 15 · 90
Pinball Machine
Whit Howland Apr 15
A flashing light
and a painted
Elvis gyration

a silver ball
and the sounds

bing bing
bing **** bing
bing bing bing


I think about you often
how you were bounced
back and forth

between homes
happiness and sadness

and the short stack
of quarters you turned

free game after
free game after
free game after

free game
A word painting with the straightforward message.
Apr 9 · 59
Whit Howland Apr 9
it is safe to say
things got weird

our paths diverged
like many rivers
headed to the same ocean

or many veins
carrying blood
from the same pumping heart
Apr 2 · 191
April Fools Day
Whit Howland Apr 2
of flashy yellow nuggets

by the bullion
it is there

if you are fool enough
to search for it
Mar 26 · 102
Whit Howland Mar 26
Plastic players
you spin on a spit
in an attempt to knock

a plastic ball
the goal

you are we are
doings things
that are way beyond

our control
A word painting with a straight forward message.
Mar 20 · 90
Barrel of Laughs
Whit Howland Mar 20
A funny bone
a gag reflex

and an innocent

would you go out
with me

was all it took
for you to spit

through your nose

all those years
Mar 19 · 48
Mechanical Dog
Whit Howland Mar 19
I might rollover
and bring you
the morning paper

but my bark
is metallic

and sounds
as if it was made
in a metal drum

a noise
that will haunt you
Mar 18 · 45
Cotton Candy
Whit Howland Mar 18
pink and sugary
your words
so lyrical

and yet
so fleeting
they dissolve

in my mouth

I don't want to believe
but I do believe

you sold me
a bill of goods
though I'm not bitter

how could I be
with such sweet
Mar 13 · 228
Whit Howland Mar 13
I am sandwiched
like a slice of ham

two pieces of Wonder bread

and judgment

you measure my intellect
by my words

they are simple

you judge me
by my clothes

they are threadbare

but please don't judge me
any further

or measure

until you try me
with mustard and Mayonaise
Mar 12 · 53
Cold Snap
Whit Howland Mar 12
the weather was warm

with the sun sunny
side up

and the sky was a solid

and now
I must honestly ask you

what just happened
a cold snap

ok maybe
but seriously

Mar 11 · 322
Spring Snow
Whit Howland Mar 11
Like a giant hand
shaking a box of soap flakes
all over the place


wiping dry


the last gasp
or a new beginning
A word painting.
Mar 5 · 47
small town USA
Whit Howland Mar 5
take up thy bed and walk
is what you said
and though you were gentle

there was a force behind it
like a swift-moving river
more than enough to make me rise

put on my shoes
and take those first
wobbly steps

and eventually walk
and walk
and never

look back
Mar 4 · 559
March Madness
Whit Howland Mar 4
Much simpler
than a scramble
for a basketball

I'm crazy for the trees
to bud

for the warm air
and the thaw

and the crisp walks
under a freshly
minted blue sky

but most of all
I'm mad for you
that's right

it's mad love

for the woman
I would not have
any other way

that I want to march with
down the road
to our golden years.
Feb 28 · 92
Whit Howland Feb 28
A planted seed

great things
to grow
and come

like roses

or deeds
that will be recorded
for posterity

and colorful
full fruit
but not from the poisonous tree

and study
for practice application
and surely

but edible
oh so delectable

not just for academic
and entertainment
purposes only
Feb 27 · 317
Mule Deer
Whit Howland Feb 27
There's a whistle blast
on the wings
of a guitar string


by a mountain of mirth
joy and a little dirt
under our nails

as we ride the rails
you and I with an occasional dance
to distract us

from the cup of joe and fact
that we are flying
by the seat of our pants
Absurdism and homage to a fantastic comedian and singer.
Feb 21 · 59
Telephone Operator
Whit Howland Feb 21
Press that button
pull that cord
plug it in over there

and see that red signal light
I need your help

could you check
for an alternate spelling

or try dialing
that number again
I am sure it's right

that's the number
he gave me
please sir/ma'am

I am desperate
so very desperate
to make a connection
Feb 20 · 237
Whit Howland Feb 20
On top of the world
I am

well If not the world
at least the roof

right now it's sunny
but there's a storm coming

the clouds are gray
and the wind's picking up

stirring the ground
and blowing me

every which way
Jan 31 · 333
Broken Sunrise
Whit Howland Jan 31
with a red-orange sunrise

crack that sunrise like an egg

and let the yoke and white slop
into a mixing bowl

do we then beat that egg

scramble it
or do we fry it or

maybe poach

we just leave that broken sunrise
in the bowl on the counter

someone else's gift
or curse
A surrealistic word painting. An original.
Jan 28 · 498
Whit Howland Jan 28
wrinkled with age

but trusty

case in point
without the fluff

we are talking about a grip
that's been through it all

seen it all
and stood the test of time
A word painting with a straightforward message.
Jan 22 · 100
Kansas City Dream
Whit Howland Jan 22
A stray thought
in the day

by night

and now you are deep
about fair weather

and a place
you've never been

Kansas City

it lingers
it dangles
like a shoelace

never tied
or unfinished
like a *** only

half thrown
An abstract lyrical word painting. An original;.
Jan 21 · 59
The butcher shop
Whit Howland Jan 21
Meat sliced
by a stainless steel blade
and by the pound

and choice

back then
cuts were cheap
but such

as life
A word painting with a straightforward message. An original.
Jan 20 · 48
The Dunes
Whit Howland Jan 20
A Neon Splash
from a forgotten age
of cool and class

and jazz
palpable and complete
with curls of smoke

it's still there

are still there
it just takes a while

to notice what was once
so familiar so clear
and dear
A word painting.
Jan 19 · 62
Far and Away
Whit Howland Jan 19
Just a  speck
but I know it's there

across the sound
waiting for the tide

to recede
and the sand bar to appear

a bridge a connection
to the past

and a spark and a flame
to future enlightenment
Jan 19 · 98
Absent Minded
Whit Howland Jan 19
a scrap of paper
with a name number or address

that slipped down
and over the falls

leaving one by one

until there's nothing left
but a hollow wind

into some glass bottles
on a split rail fence
An imagistic word painting.
Jan 17 · 234
Whit Howland Jan 17
Mutant darts
if you prefer


the board
was your lawn
green in summer

but seriously

what were we thinking
as we launched
these big metal missiles

with plastic
on the other ends

and that's the thing

back then
we just did
and that's what made  

all the difference
Jan 17 · 283
Shredded Wheat
Whit Howland Jan 17
in a bowl of milk

to be lashed
into a raft

to sail down
a river
literary or otherwise


a litany
of possibilities of where
this vessel

could go
An abstract word painting.
Jan 10 · 79
Whit Howland Jan 10
and there's a blood orange

glowing in the sky
at five o clock
which means

we are
on the downhill slide
of darkness

heading for days
of warmth
and nights of blinking

but honey like I 've said
many times before

never defer happiness
grab it now and not
like a falling star

but a rising one
you catch
and hold onto

by its wispy
A word painting. An original.
Jan 9 · 67
American Flag
Whit Howland Jan 9
Glops and swirls
of red white
and blue

it does not fly
or billow in the breeze
it hangs

a piece of art

something to start
a conversation
you know

just small talk

with no guarantees
but no fine print
and definitely

no dotted line
to sign on

A word painting. An original.
Whit Howland Jan 8

a mixture green
the color

of grass in summer

with yellow
like the summer sun

and that to me is something
that will never equal

An abstract word painting. An original.
Jan 7 · 213
Whit Howland Jan 7
the color of steel
that much is clear

but an area
where things get

how could that be
when overtime
it becomes the color

of our hair
when we turn wise
and able

to see the forest
for the trees

the color of days
that are cold and rainy

and there's no
in that
Jan 6 · 41
Upon a meadow
Whit Howland Jan 6
Fake or real
we wonder

the grass
tall and green

with wildflowers
among the blades

a butterfly flits above
the canopy

and farther above the sky
a marbled blue

by a yellow sun

and we wonder
fake or real

and yet we  dread
the answer
Jan 5 · 77
Farwell, Friend
Whit Howland Jan 5
A weeping willow
weeps for me

it wipes the ground
and washes my feet

a canary sings a chirpy
little tune

that might be melancholy
if I let it

but time is too short
it was the last thing

you had to teach
Jan 3 · 346
Whit Howland Jan 3
Boxes of stuff
by mechanical pigeons

flitting about
from street to street

eggs and spam
sizzling in a frying pan

the bouncing ball
the Yellow Brick Road

if we follow the plan if we paint
by the numbers

our wedding picture
on the mantle

forever young
as we slide gracefully

into our golden
An impressionistic word painting. An original.
Jan 2 · 76
Whit Howland Jan 2
We're no longer young
or wet behind the years

are jokes are old
and they groan

like hunger pains
from someplace

down deep

but what is it
we hunger for

and will we find it
before it's time

to lay down
and go to sleep
Jan 1 · 53
Whit Howland Jan 1
but what we need
maybe just one little

like a crayon


a picture

the loaves
the fishes
to feed the soul

with seven baskets
left over
An abstract word painting.
Dec 2021 · 35
Yule Log
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Just one red candle
******* into a log with peeling bark


with fresh wax

down the sides

so much could have been said
should've been said

but now's not
the time
Dec 2021 · 51
Observation Wheel
Whit Howland Dec 2021
What was once
child's play with thrills
and spills

is now a useful tool
for adults to shape
and mold

the World
one broadened
and bird's eye view

at a time
Dec 2021 · 185
Christmas Tree
Whit Howland Dec 2021
red blue green

and weeping with
tinsel tears
of joy

we've made it baby
to easy street and parts
Happy Holidays!
Dec 2021 · 55
Coca Cola Santa Claus
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Father Christmas
red-cheeked and drinking
from his pewter stein

the milk
of human kindness

but was it really better back then
or am I just remembering it

I close my eyes
and I still see those bulbous
Christmas lights

strung along the front
of the house
I want I want

I want
what I can no longer
Dec 2021 · 50
Whit Howland Dec 2021
A **** or string
What's the difference

I'm a dummy
Either way

With dribble
On my chin

As i gag
On all of your words

You so rudely

Into my mouth
Dec 2021 · 62
Christmas Telegram
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Hello again
my old friend

just sending you
some yule and Christmas cheer

winter is here

but none of the white stuff
this time

only the steel gray like
our hair

that we pretend is silver
amongst the gold
Dec 2021 · 51
light bulb
Whit Howland Dec 2021
a metal chain still

one can only

it to be freshly

the room now filled
with soft white light

draw bridge now opened

i'm in  my fifties
and my mind

has never been more

of hopes ideas

and most of all

to the many puzzles

and riddles
that have long vexed me

Whit Howland © 2021
A word painting with a straight forward message;
Dec 2021 · 52
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Stacked three high
with the fourth turned upright

and resting atop
like the star on a Christmas tree


that's what they are
what we are


a part of the wheel a part
of a forward motion


we celebrate
Dec 2021 · 28
Steamer Trunk
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Covered in leather
decorated in brass

with the key lost

long ago

and it holds secrets
the special kind

beyond words
or expression
Dec 2021 · 172
Floating Leaf
Whit Howland Dec 2021
All night it rained
and water coursed

through the downspouts
like blood through our veins

this morning
a red leaf leftover from the fall


in one of the many finger lakes
that was once our backyard

and does pirouettes
in a water ballet all its own
A word painting. An original.
Dec 2021 · 60
Red Wagon and Tongue
Whit Howland Dec 2021
I was young
and you were young

as we attached the trike
to the steel tongue

and pulled the wagon
around the driveway

a snapshot
capturing a mise-en-scene long

oh so long ago

but what really is it
I'm looking at

with sunspots
and the color washed out

over time

the first moment

you and I began to know
what it meant

to pull a heavy load

whit howland © 2021
A word painting with a straightforward message. An original,
Dec 2021 · 395
Note on the Refrigerator
Whit Howland Dec 2021
Went to the store
for bread

eggs sugar
and milk

don't worry
about this morning

all will be well
An imagistic word painting. An original.
Dec 2021 · 34
Green Bottle
Whit Howland Dec 2021
It's the bubbles
in the clear green glass

that pull me away
from the day

lost in more than thought

and absurdities

the graveyard
where the mind is laid to rest
An abstract word painting.
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