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Apr 15 · 430
Can you define love?
Uriele Apr 15
Can you define love?
When the throat burns
And the cheeks are streamed down by the tears.
Tears of fears, of joy.
Can you define pain?
Mar 23 · 75
Uriele Mar 23
I saw your eyes
Crumbling, you touched my heart
Glowing aura of yours.

I hear your sounds
Lumbering, you took my lips
Flaming tongue of yours.

The sun rose while I was descending ****.
That person.
Mar 21 · 146
Uriele Mar 21
There is November
in my eyes, April
in my mind and the heat of August
in my heart.
Wrote in a rush, hope you enjoy!
Mar 21 · 58
Uriele Mar 21
Ta ta ta tan
Ta ta ta tan
Hands, footsteps, words;
Ta ta ta tan
Ta ta ta tan
Lovers, haters, friends;
Ta ta ta tan
Ta ta ta tan
Landscapes, people, sands;
Ta ta ta tan
Ta ta ta tan
Day after day,
Hours after hours.
This is my last stop, and yours?
Thought during my everyday life as a commuter.

— The End —