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Chris Feb 2021
Working and pregnant?
No time off

Graduated from college?
4 years; no job

Born into a poor family?
Invest in real estate

Paid minimum wage?
Work harder.

Sick in need of meds?
Only costs $750

Born a minority?
Stop being lazy

For these reasons and more
We hope you enjoy your stay
In the USA.
Capitalism is broken.

If you don't agree with that after reading this poem, feel free to DM me and I'll see if I can show you more reasons as to why Capitalism is flawed.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and fight the machine.
Chris Jan 2021
Arriving in a familiar scene
My highschool basketball court
I never played the game
But I knew the people
Some friends
Some enemies
But 1 ball
I grab and I go for a dunk
On the way up I do a flip
and it never ends

A frontflip for the ages
6? 7? 9?
It keeps going
I don't get nauseas
I just feel bored and lonely
Then I wake up to yesterday
I'm gonna make a diary of sorts detailing some of my nightmares, this is one that I've had many many times. I'll just be in a game of basketball then I do a frontflip and it just goes on until I eventually wake up, forever hovering in front of the net
Chris Jan 2021
But not
I'm a *******.
Chris Jan 2021
Dedication: Hours to your craft
Inspiration: Found from within
Motivation: To climb and succeed
Squandered: Stolen, lost, destroyed.
Just failed at something that I've spent the last 4+ month busting my back to work on. It really *****, but I wish everyone else the best of luck.
Chris Dec 2020
Grab onto the fence
Don't you dare let go
Rob you every cent
Strike your newest low

You feel the thunder
The lightning within
You begin to wonder
Is this where it ends?

Hold on for the ride
While gasping for air
Just keep it inside
And let your mind wear

Looking for some hope
Pressure on your chest
You think you can cope
But just do your best
I had a very severe panic attack less than 10 minutes ago and thought I should jot down my ideas right now.
Chris Nov 2020
Elves during summertime
with their drink and songs
They smile and they laugh
they help right my wrongs

When they're waking up
they jest with the birds
When they're winding down
they leave loving words

Elves on the mountainside
they frolic and they play
A place I can visit
but I cannot stay
Just the 2nd part of an old poem I wrote.
Chris Nov 2020
Walking through the city
The city's remains
Seeing bodies being thrown about in every which way

A starving child here
A screaming man there
The enemy scrambling for the politician's hair

Running through the streets and what remains
Filled with smoke and flames
The picture of shame
Tell me what you think.
Partially inspired by the song "Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine.
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