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Feb 2022 · 163
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Deeper scars I deliberately left to the strangeness. faint romantic notions suddenly cosmatted in my soul when I felt it was all over! Surprised, dumbfounded, I looked wordlessly around: what could I do with the life I had left?! The **** of my hangman's days had been pushed down by calculating old age. On my face yawned the cellular yawn of perpetual weariness, while the majority outside could not know it was all a sham!

Cheerful expressions, grimace-inducing holy smiles seemed to be paint that could be applied many times: secret disguises masks that could only harden with time! - There in there: in the depths of a child's foolish soul, conjurable spirit-beings stir and nestle. I run along parallel pairs of rails running back into myself, and I cannot play recklessly and carelessly when the chessboard of Existence calls: there all goes sharp!

For I have always thought of foreseeable evil, And digested it like a boiling caldron. My troubled soul constantly wanted to throw out its upset waves; an inner umbilical cord was much needed, which would lead through secret, invisible corridors boldly into the mysteries of the other body. Listening, like the vigilantly curious, till Life calls at last, and may not pass through the magic circle. A fine snare, a deceptive trap. The imprint of our lives infected with exceptionalism; the truths of honest eyes should be relearned and spoken!

In our slow castle-circles the bliss of another-self is ever waiting, And the membrane-thin instincts of touch are vulnerable to further wounding by conscious love-lust!
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Each tear is already searching for smothering trenches in the frames of faces; slowly, gradually, the happy, jubilant joy ready to show itself is fulfilled, and the pretended but real sadness is realised. The delicate telescopes of the ear-cups are wound up by harsh, turbocharged bomb-quarrels, leprous howls. Untouchable and often incomprehensible is the pain of all the sorrow that trembles! The pregnant alarm bells hidden in the depths of the soul ring differently each time, and in different ghostly tones.

And perhaps every fearful loneliness may have somewhere a preconceived pair of opposites.  Truth-ness is never visible on the inner walls of their eyelids. In the inner soul-reaches, the vocal cords of Being are constantly changing! When we look at faces, almost everything is dull and fades away - but sincere emotions can be recorded crystal clear even in a streaming tomorrow! Compliments handed down from saintly romances, and curtsy etiquette that only "some" can understand!

In the meaningful moments of materialized lives, the death of the deed must once be captured in action, so that we may dare to be ourselves in silence and hope anew! - The dafke-furnishing charade: brainwashed, accumulated, enriched, syrupy tactfulness, and the phlegmatic-parochial boorish manners dictating fashion-trend, has been taken more and more seriously. Valuable treasure-houses are thus allowed to pass away and fall into *****-smelling oblivion. Give or take a few decades, and those who were once deliberately crucified by the luxury-eye-losing tabloid media for their cultural eccentricities can win themselves prestigious, laurel-coloured prizes merely for the worthy cause of their death!

Even former exotic beauties are only remembered by broken nail clippings...
Feb 2022 · 147
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Others even now only laugh, while your self-pitying triumph slowly collapses and buries you under yourself! Blinding narcissism may haunt the luxurious pink-mask syrupiness of tabloid media, and today, even the self-conceited halal scientists, the planning suicides, are not asked on the wise altars of tolerance: would it have been better to know psychological processes or the chaos formula of brain convolutions?! - Every exibitionist, superficial moment flirts with illusion; the onion skin of the human soul is still always on itself, while the number of days is bargained with itself as a freeloader!

Our pressed confessions of love are often lacking in self-satisfying, passionate romance. Mutual congratulations in an evening of spotlight and rainbow that lasts until midnight hold traps and murderous daggers for each other! Lost in the midst of so many muffled grins, even solidly-supported reality is scrubbed by reversed, pathetic, grotesque roles! On made-up faces like wax-glowing larvae shine fake-measuring emotions and emotions! While the common man queues for autographs, clinging to Golgotha-ridden friendships!

In the hopes of his bogus expectations - honest-to-God friendships - it is a pity to cling on running; it is impossible to escape the arrogant, phlegmatic slogans of publicity - all the falsehoods of the past can be further fixed! Chocolate left out in the sun, like the exaggerated tanning-bed orange-skin, soon melts and is ruined! - Every filling-heart seems to crack sooner or later, when surrounded by rings of sincerity!
Feb 2022 · 118
Begging will
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
It imposes itself on everything, and everything becomes a rotten ***** because it has seen itself. Beneath the surface, moving, cocktail-drinking, bubbly V.I.P. exclusive evenings, insidious snake hisses, double entendres, universal sunken rot. Career graveyards at a loss become compulsive shapeshifters in pursuit of larger goals, looting dreams. In addition to a carefree lifestyle, it is necessary to take on grief and dirt with a toaster. Sooner or later, even the absolute winners are driven out of the race.

Only Death can bring comfort and consolation. To body and soul alike it offers a semblance of equality.- Daily shedding their reptilian-veined skins are the Janus-like Angels, saints, pretending prophet-greats. Whose daily ruined lives they ruin, They notice nothing but the virtue, if it pops, or if they lack the necessary sum To preserve the ruins of their sham happiness.

It may be that everything has long since been decided according to the suggestion of self-interest. Perhaps, with a little effort, petty kings and loyalty stooges could stay afloat in economic life-and-death struggles, bargaining even at the cost of their miserable lives to serve the legitimate institutions of cheap lies like prodigals: to dream is folly.

But for now, surely, it is better for many to bellow, to bend their heads and shout, to bang others' heads against the wall, shouting democratic slogans - the respectable historical chronicle will also record this in a falsified form, but people will have no trace of it when the moral balance has cooled down!
Feb 2022 · 118
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
All the splendour and all the luxury of the piper goes back to the primordial material where it was created! The eyelash-spiral liquefaction of celebrity divas; The sticky gum of dovetail make-up shall be forgotten; And when the abundant rain-channels of the honest soul Are full, and the root-root of sensible sadness Has passed through every hesitating, half-weary man! For the world of Hyena has always cursed and despised the known child-fearer!

In-happening, in-between chattering souls, the wretch stumbling can seldom keep order! In every petal an orphan self shudders for the coming Spring! Like solid concrete or prison wall, on the bustling fields of our memory, seems to halt The sacred age of memories in peace! In every prostituted maiden there still lurks her angelic, girlish self: that her ancient craft may mean only survival and hope for tomorrow! She will interact with this superficial, cupping world if she consciously surrenders herself to it!

Like a sentient, childish angel, when from his cracked, twilight-flooded lips eagerly oozes the faithless, flowing blood; he commits sacrilege who raises his destructive fists to exotic flower-stalks! We should cling stoutly to the World! Without cheap pimps and lice, in a deep-feeling and enduring trust - Now and Here are already shattered from us! - With enduring trust we should go on, persevering in humanity on our bumpy life, and as we often fall, stumbling on our limp, we must learn to stand up!
Feb 2022 · 105
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022

From my eyes there flowed the coagulated eyeballs of honest incredulity; chains of true pearls were lined up under my baggy eyes like clumps of onion-clusters! In feverish, timeless grayness, my rebellious finger-tips ***** ever after instinct-secrets! With my senile self long since pregnant, I have regrown my outcast, my Golgotha-maiden! I think of only one thing: where and how could I have begun anew with my soul-mate another, more substantial, and perhaps wiser life?!

In my being there still ticks the timeless, proud beating of the Universe in ever more agitated, wicked time-bomb beats; in my metaphors still intertwine eternal, immortal compliments of love and all-powerful romances! Outside, paralyzed Minotaurs flock, hoping for mimic-majestic riches, and, looking into the invisibility of their curved mirrors, curiously peer at the compromising world!

The mature soul, thought lost, wanders into prehistoric massive-syrupy solitude to rediscover the palpable depths of Being! Before me and after me, my closed-uncertain future and gaping, personalized mines for my ashes, which have been for some time decaying with the molecules of my cells; my romance, my beauty, crashes into the ******* air-wall of Nothingness and chokes me for the umpteenth time in melancholy! - Like a knife in soft butter, I should sum up the fragments of my memories backwards in my account of what has happened, so that I may move forward more courageously!
Feb 2022 · 100
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
In my careless anguish, in the moonlight, displaced, she wept alone; My knocking, true-kissing, friendly voice was not yet answered, Only a syrupy darkness had taken hold! Thus in my trembling body the little child cried out in a roar! All compassion against me was frozen on ever-superficial, grimacing faces; and the preserved aversion curiously scanned its sad, past memories! He who is the sole companion of himself, and who, repressed, creeps with terrible strength into the land of still survivable Tomorrows, is forced to scrape together his courage of noble substance in himself!

He can cry as long as he likes, for no one will listen anyway! - Squeaky shadow-wings whisper in the haunting twilight, and now everything seems so uncertain and difficult to digest: he forces himself into foreign roles instead of taking root, settling down and finally being himself! He stops, alarmed, like a chubby, worn-out coat on the rack of the pegs that pull him to the stake, and feels that his fate would fall before the pre-shotgun barrels if he let it - so he prefers to stand back in the eyes of the Outlands and digest his own humanity!

He knows his efforts are all in vain, but he must cling to something! A superstitious glance, a disturbed childish memory in the horrors of the past, or a kiss that might have been a romantic summation, which in an unexpected moment of magic could have meant much to all! - Outside he gazes at himself paralysed, And knows the treacherous Beast's needle-sharp fortune awaits!
Feb 2022 · 99
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Man-watching, starry-eyed flame Why does it promise stubborn, headstrong Hope only to others?! You tell me, fair lady, the real, the crystal-truth! Dog-hatred and jackal-hatred become blood nowadays, And vague hopefulness breeds in the place of conscious realizations; Ideas are easily crushed! From our hesitant self-defeating chess-steps only Waste springs! The ******, outcast secret of decipherable end-points; the thundering purr of ruby drops of blood in the wound-litter of beating hearts threatened with infarction is evident!

He who daily serves the ivory-Culture experiences a whirlwind! From the twilight of disillusionment a safe and reliable way is seldom found! The cosmic downfalls of groaningly cicentric life-paths guarantee success for powerful oligarchic generals to dictate new, selfish terms! - Spiral Life wraps itself around itself like a shoelace: if it could, it would abuse its born creation to grab privileges!

From bone-lungs oozes syrupy-murderous silence, like hard-healed wounds! Even now the memories of the past carry dagger-edged cares to our feet; dreams are cherished by the babble of babes, and vows are made by the unruly Heart within itself! - Under the pathetic Existence, as a gesture of exalted dignity, prison walls are erected for the incomprehensible ****** of the stumbling obstacles! How does the over-dimensioned, pedestalized Man manage in the catacombs of consumer societies?!
Feb 2022 · 218
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Above the bridge railing I stare down into the silently yawning, whirling throats; a whirling, centrifugal vortex-wheel drags me along, pulls me, and pulls! Balanced on a thin, snow-white blade, thus is he who was cast out into life! Gathering crumbs of breadcrumbs through a lifetime, Till Death, like a lawful chase, takes him! With narrowing eyes curiously fixed on me, the wan shadows of shipwrecked souls Past-remembering, meek shadows emerge from mire-thrown foam; Witnessing guardians of the possible that is!

As aerial-gymnast-samples, we may all thus balance the many certain possibilities; at another planned turn, veronal, foam of water, or poison is of no use - with conscious cowardice, human dignity confidently fails us! I stumble between reckless tumbles with purpose. I would even lie flat, like Sinbad, like a petty nobody, and probe the beating heart-******* of angelic ladies! May I remain in my falling, fallen life who I was: an eternal child in an arrogant adult world!

Thick and unsteady even now is the black, roiling stream. I feel that I have often run out of strength to face every trial like a murdering *******! The old Danube still murmurs and calls me to it! - Nowadays, the circus and the bustling ant-hill of the great world are so merged that the heart of the prodigal little man is always trembling, when he looks into the flashing, decaying Tomorrows with dignified and faltering eyes!
Feb 2022 · 69
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Like a hornet's nest - in the apostate hearts of men the knocking hatred is nesting! To the siege-voices of preaching preached in the form of incantations of incomprehension, too many are silent! Hyena-bellied, black-robed hirelings and muscle-meat-tower ******! Serpent-clouds in a lost confusion of purpose in the decaying present! Even he contemplates endless retribution Who at first proclaimed unity and demanded a soul-cleansing at every level; The accomplice and the jackal-talking shieder also forget their wicked deeds with purpose!

Like the drunkard who knocked the whisky and tequila-butcher's bottles on tap and spills his brown excrement into telephone boxes - into the gaping chasm of Theiraesia, here we go together! Their human dignity is being replaced all at once! From stripped human flesh their crunching bones will remain; to dust they will be but witnesses! It would be worth every empathetic-tolerant thought to finally act together with One-Akarat! In ourselves, we are a sneaky businessman with a silk purse!

Every hateful Satanic look is an eternal question: the future should bring change! - In one place, like cowards, unable to compromise, we have been stumbling in one place for many years in the heart of old Europe! Only a momentary idea to save the day is left: it is necessary to dress up promises that are full of holes and slipping away in circus costumes, because the loss should always be embellished!
Feb 2022 · 80
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
A hundred years from now, a party girl, a cosmetic, plasticised goddess, will be so at home that she will be despised by the average man, as one who fears for his petty career and trembles! Honour deliberately digs a pit in the bottom of the pit of calculating games, and no one cares about the chattering mouth-carat of the puppets in the tabloid media!

The new-avant-garde prose line of poems is shouted down, saying: one-night stands have more east! Morals and humanity long since shed, mothers of children can't know what an uncertain livelihood and a messy tomorrow might bring!

The trembling, weeping cries of the little angels shiver like painful vapours in the abandoned alleyways of the streets! - What this present ******* Kor is extracting from itself, and creating, its pathetic beneficiaries are also, like molehills, hiding in underground, apocalyptic worlds, chewing on the hard-to-get, gnawing colonies!

A greedy food-chain insidiously lurks in the tunnels of each one's secret instincts; the strong devour the weak, the weak the weakest, and while the Golgotha-stricken vulnerable clamour for more reprieves from the company of lords and petty kings, their pathetic shipwrecked lives are consciously fearful - no-man's-land, fly-**** infects their chances of survival too!
Feb 2022 · 87
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Only laughter is cherished and preserved by the eye! A good, hearty, mischievous little laugh! The prayers of griefs, of pearls clutched in melancholy, The bleeding soul keeps shut, and we consciously fear to show Our vulnerability to our loved ones! In the walled, honeyed skies, The graceful heart-shadow hides; Like a mouldy cloak a shadow sings, at our backs! In our dizzy world there is less and less responsibility!

Like the blood from a vulnerable locust-body, something conscious oozes from me, instinct fearful of all that I feel and want to believe! Doubt and despair keep on teasing and dividing me! My boyish anguish is all gone, In a robe of stolen laughs I rather willfully weep! - The sordid layers of the unknown, wicked Future are gradually laid upon me!

The assembled biology of my body is threatened with a clattering, timed death! - The cunning, insidious supremacy of the well-informed has long since left me wanting: it would be fitting to scrape together the ruins of courage within myself, so that I may be able to Will and survive as a Man in an unknown existence! In a shower of boiling tongues of boiling catacombs, boiling in a shower of pissy bargains and betrayals, already indebted to assured career advances! The pouting vice of disguises Seems to be embodied in bargaining, selfish interests; The fierce, bickering vultures with murderous grins The bickering war of the Hienae, The bickering Mooching wars of the vultures, Drive to playable naivety!

The foolish ***** of my disadvantages! I wonder when we shall learn the selfless laws of man again, so that we may see the essence through the veneer of superficiality!
Feb 2022 · 102
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
We should learn the Human being again: empathy-tolerance! Pushing into the deepening pits of the wretched while the remnants of the evil that keeps germinating! Every Man is a corpse-One and only lonely star-island, brooding in himself; His bleeding points of Odyssean wounds are bruised and bruised by inner soul-demons at their pleasure! The graceful flutter of black night-butterflies With angel wings sprouting, cherishing Goodness! Into the tiny cups of loyalty-hands Should be placed, as a secret gift of grace, The purple-planet of the throbbing heart: the palpable metamorphoses of Being!

Man may forever submit and surrender to the magically unexpected moments; fluttering shadows fly on the spider-webs of trembling done destinies! The childish curiosity of ripe incompleteness still vibrates in the balmy evening stillness. In every star-gaze, as a reckoning, there stretches a drop of untold glass-bead!

I've played my ever-childish roles often enough: the hissing penguin chubby as well as the orphaned, wailing, whimpering child! And I only wondered when, among all the curiosity-seekers, would Morality and Love ever join hands to shake my hand?! - It would be nice to get out of this troubled, shipwrecked earthly circle once and for all! To learn to believe and trust again!

To feel romantic, breathless sighs like secret X-ray magnets in another's beating heart, when the rose-fingered Dawn greets us daily with her honeyed rays!
Feb 2022 · 87
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
I would like to cling at last to a rock of refuge, which has an angel face; which does not judge in vain, and does not sue. It stretches out its angel-winged back to me, And like a sure fortress it protects me impregnable! In my eyes I would have such a lady of backbone, Who with her superstitious holy glance Would lift me from the hell of the muddy earth, When all is not well in this world.

In all the minutes of eternity, two faithful petals of a flower, Our heart's voice would tremble for each other, And the deceitful, ***** play of our thinking minds Would be the romantic music of our naughty kisses. In naked bodies, confessing and confessing each other, we would solemnly open ourselves to the other, as the Alpha beginning of primeval creations. Perhaps we could heal the stigmata of the stateless-prodigal Time, which daily bites into us with its executioner's claws.

The Nihil-claws of murderous nails do not matter to him who is protected and lifted up daily by the power of enduring, secure love! In the still countable bliss of our presence, radiant in its earthly surplus, we may yet feel the mysterious-secret serenades of our throbbing echoing hearts; on the cherishing soul's mart of water-lily leaves, may we discover each other at last, like curious, deceitful little children; in mischievous-playful joy-curiosity! - What an incredible force of spirit could feed the meeting we have arranged!

The friend and the stranger would walk towards each other, and when we took each other's sweating hand, we could both rejoice!
Feb 2022 · 65
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
A desolate, mysterious multitude of taboo-bending V.I.P.-partying, disco-ball, swamp-gardening, through which even useless late-night rambles, crying; in the indifference of predictable phlegm-faces swollen to a sea of mud, everyone is now merely a prisoner: no one can be free! From collagen and botox injections, like a bacchanalian company of cursed, puffed-up wax dolls, the canary-peacocks, demanding luxury, recognition, new unassailable privileges from higher elite powers!

Lonely, lonely doppelgangers mimic the taste and mass-bunkified commodity culture! A few light nights in the shade of a night's adventure forgotten, and the whole of the camouflage universe is ready! The cries of boastful infants echo from alley depths, barely heard by any! As the ancestral history of bones, if we can still piece together some important fragment of the cursed past, we should know and feel what things are to pass away!

Into the dreary uncertainty of the remaining tomorrows May soon drown him who scrambles worthily against the tide! The curious and tantalizing questions of waking sleep should somehow always be sought within themselves! On glowing golden-apple-bikini skins, sprinkling water creates sparkling pearls of truth! - Somebody or Something may still strike down swiftly - like a calculated desire for revenge - the teeming biology of blood molecules with uproarious animal howls, and no longer can one know on the pitiful debris of dried bone remains who was Man and who was the victim of the decaying victim!
Feb 2022 · 86
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
The silent, statuesque shadows of timelessness are cast on everyone, if the mouth yawns in a single expressive movement, the eyes sparkle - as a light-hearted, silent blindfold, we try to capture the happy golden age of our memories as realistically as possible, and create it in Reality! We are softly embraced by the music of the flocks of birds waiting for Spring. The holy gentle melody of the tiny and inviting bells, running on the babbling wind, makes our beating hearts beat!

Long distances can be shortened at any time - thanks to the hyper-networks of our digital age! The double news-beat of joy-sharing echoes our richly beating heartbeat! The prophet-trones of balmy, brooding nights are touched by the budding love-fly; and it matters not when, or by whom, the immortal metamorphoses of kisses among the swarming, nubile desires of the wombs! - To the identity thought lost, all can find it again!

From a single gesture, a universal cosmic compassion, or a great spectacle stuck in silence! In the deception, the chase and the pursuit of hopes may yet remain! We should engrave in everyone's soul the Goodness that dwells in everyone, as another strange sacrifice...
Feb 2022 · 94
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Because it can do nothing else: in an eternal circle of flight, the helpless man advances like an ant! The Möbius ladder of transactions is deliberately avoided or chewed up! It seems a boorish, outcast, degenerative homage to perceive something of our own superficial world without the seeing mirrors of searching eyes! From the settling shadows of ghost-moons Springing on the velvet of our nights Silent shadows of night menacingly stare!

It would be good to believe that the hearts of our modern, mischievous children are not yet tainted with deceit; it may seem a cosmic eviction order to deprive us of eternal playful curiosity by "some"! For he who has already become a participant in a premeditated plot cannot yet be sure of playing his role of imporvizator credibly; the night that is being built cannot be enclosed by anything but a sinister darkness of the underworld! A chilly imperturbability fills the air: the palpable Omnipresence is enriched with a strange mixture of pitch and paste!

In webs of lies insidious breeding dwells; deceivable, radiant lights fall on dying, pale moonbeams! Into a fading Nivive-nince the throbbing human soul becomes! Like a rattling robber-lock now clicks on the throbbing heart of us all, Iron-clasped, locked padlock! - The uncertain Future is already a soundless, outcast wolf-confrontation with conscious despair! In the cold space of a voidless Arctic, only the vulnerable can remain soberly clear, silently awake!

In the pearl-veils of sincerities that open the cloud-fractures of eyes, the immortality of the moment trembles!
Feb 2022 · 75
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
The fear-tension in my heart is growing to literary proportions! My eternal-childish self is constantly fighting battles of existence between peace and eternal anger! I feel I cannot run away from the haunting dragon-demons of my uncertain future! However, if I were to ask friends to know with calm empathy the hidden reflection of my self, many would already give up their secret, cohesive relationships; superficial exhibitionism would hardly leave them any choice!

In my soul, there still exists a sinking, tossing, more peaceful Atlantis: a micro-macro Cosmos in the process of destruction! Sisyphus, disappearing on a bulldozer, whose pensive, otherworldly voice is for the umpteenth time deliberately distorted into nothingness! From a succession of memories, memories melt into smiles! - It seems triumphant annihilation when the Universe goes round and universally proclaims the universal naseous desire of blood molecules!

The trembling despair of rich shadows clinging to each other is like countless desert lives! The balmy evening breeze still circulates on high. The restless night, like a chill envelope, shivers and shivers the complex nerves! The honey-coloured sunbeams still cling like sunflowers to the scaly blood of cracked petals! A sky-high air, pregnant with proud light, is drained and dewy! - Unmerciful Being, like brown eyes, stares longingly at me: mortal minutes cease, for only the mischievous, pure curiosity shines like a sizzling magnet in existence!
Feb 2022 · 87
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
The ancient calamity of the relationships that can be made on earth, The torment of all torments and shrinks me further! Often the consolation of new-sweet saintly-misses is of no help, if they reward for little trifles! No more need of the temporary possibility of continuation: cheap promises, false hopes! I should erase from my past the cursed minutes of my past, and what bleeds me daily! In the catacombs of my unhappy mind, I would in vain forget, The smelling filth soon accumulates!

On the infinite wall, once more, it would be well if a tiny, tiny crack could be found! Vain, obstinate epochs of defiance keep their hold upon their own! - Our disconnected, socially-hybernated senses may say otherwise; as if everyone else existed here in a dim, transcendent dimming! As now Celebrity dames, disowned seventh-coast V.I.P. faces parade in their every movement, playing the self-deception of calculation, and the unhappiest among them, who bathes in the radiant optimism of his being!

He who deceives himself with the antidote of consoling lies, Seldom receives from his inner self the redeeming message, That from the sincerity of his soul he has lost the known Essence! Were we to walk the sure path-way of things' definite, predictable emotions, and see in their context the beaded holy-eyes of others, we would be the embodiment of a hard, earthly Golgotha! - All farewells are now the stylist's made-up veneer of faces: long since run out from under them Executioner-plagued Time! Seldom can a change of age mark a sure bet!
Jan 2022 · 70
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Insanity and disregard for the most elementary human interest is always unavoidable and often fatal! A series of ingeniously tragic coincidences can at any time challenge the individual, still thinking childlike individual while too much of the World is lost without end! A rush of creative ingenuity lurks in everyone, and all ideas and plans go up in smoke when there is less and less to choose from the industrious chain of multiple connections!

In this century of the information cyber-revolution, conscious, lazy idleness is just as visible and tangible! A wide variety of spectacles and cleavages are always caught by the curious camera: the retouched smearing of indispensable eye make-up is rarely noticed; the question to be answered is: what has changed?! - The booming melody of horns blaring from the bones of horns screams in our faces, proclaiming that something has happened to the city and its fallible people! The stench of "Nothing's right!" is getting worse! - is not right!

It is as if everything and everyone has turned into empty shells, sinking in on themselves, like our stinking refuse to be thrown away!
Jan 2022 · 86
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Unfinished business is the most difficult business of our days! Where are the formulas of our Faithfulness in handshakes and hide and seek?! Grimacing and smiling long in the fierce curved reflections of ***** pools, Our self's sad, bleeding gaze! A faint suspicion might be trusted and always justified: for the conciliatory feelings of homeliness, all that is needed is a little unusual cynicism!

Something within is shrinking, at first barely perceptible, then greedily gnawing away at the hell of human souls gone gangrenous! In accordance with the laws of humanity, a belated realization signals its protest that we must necessarily drop out of the fairy-tale wave-net system at last! To the thought of a single romantic *******, many eyes are already scattering sparks, responding with dry flashes!

What can the man of the Age imagine the trampled humanity, the continuous mud-dripping of his personality's Celeb-bubble?! Having gazed into each other's disembodied eyes, we suddenly found ourselves in a hall of mirrors, a seldom-seen earthly copy of ourselves; still the heartbeat of the heart is still beating and beating! Like a poisonous greenhouse effect, a sprawling crowd of jerks and jerks is growing, and if no one will be a prophet-scholar to speak out against pop-cultural, superficial cultures, the paint will soon peel off our faces!

Not a single encounter - not many - will be made in the sacred spirit of the harmonies that can be created! - Soon there will be at least ten billion self-serving droids serving with ant diligence, wandering willfully without independent thought in the halls of mirrors that cover their lives!
Jan 2022 · 121
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
If I could still have a clinging, wide, hopeful hope; When in the cell-deep of my home I could bend my discouraged, shipwrecked head In my sweetheart's balmy, cradling lap; When our beating heartbeats in the bantering Universe would blaze As they would be reconciled together, and the Past would hold easy, useful trophies, Or secrets of prey! Even if the pieces of Existence were exchanged in a chess-board order on the plane of our little lives, love as a sure point of exit for our restless hearts!

If I could have a comfortable, cushioned rocking-chair; I would be lulled by the pearly, truth-telling voice of my angel, As when she cellists in a spacious concert hall, In evening gowns of protection! I would open the ghastly-grimacing scars of my soul, and let its caressing, dandified kisses dangle the sins of my unworthy years of *******! In an embracing, romantic meeting, the holy birth-moment of Immortality might be found!

We would feel, in a time of distress, our musical heart-chalice throbbing together! With its roaring waves would sing tiny, secret echo-choes of autumn's Theiresias-walves above us: nor on steep Sisyphus-paths would we give Fate her rightful sanction to give up the goal, and feel ourselves smaller! Nor should we now, in the foreseeable world, necessarily distress ourselves as two orphaned children!

It would be a fabulous, dreamy consolation, a true, priceless treasure-gift, if we could see together, in the sacred sparks of cherishing halo-eyes, the happy-sadness of our late childhood, and cease all petty anxiety at the sneaking portents of the Coming!
Jan 2022 · 80
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
I no longer care about fashion because of old-fashioned flavours! Rid yourself of your newfound susceptibility to new fashions, who cares only for the telltale signs of appearances! The reconciliation of interests may soon suffer from a difference of tastes! What does the exceptionalist trend mean?! Have we stopped noticing others simply by their dress code, so that we can mix with the sophisticated, elegant elite?

The Acts and the Sacrifices are thus placed together, in a conspiracy, in a pretended stalemate, for fear of what the patrician public would say if many of them showed their teeth! - And if the superficiality of the health-obsessed, all-embracing superficiality is enough to make you very nervous; it might be a problem-solver to try to see the exceptional One among many like him! In the glass of curved mirrors, even difference looks different!

In penultimate glances, can the Good Friends of Faith be recognised?! Gyugyok and Timotheus Tikitakik?! - Already in every respect there lurks silently the cold rejection withheld; a conceited misunderstanding cleaves their heads and may yet keep them in cage-captivity! An imperial rank of impossible dreams, that someday Someone or Something will do without them all! Even now some conscious distrust is spreading among them!

More interesting has become every cheap-fangled sensationalist Celebrity-pilot; peaceful at-home sit-at-home conversations with sticky masses of secrets, instead of messages from sinking airships!
Jan 2022 · 78
Epistolary Humana
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Like a shipwrecked, he clings to unknown shores on the last soul, but he may never reach shore; my throat was hoarse silently many times and my voice continued to sound like a muffled sigh! As a rodent worm for my heart attack-stressed soul, the greedy and insatiable Compulsion settles like this! I would have to, even if I had to be selfish for myself, sure of Man
survive! The haunting moonlight tattoos my face like shards of silent shadows! And while you ask, asking with jagged tentacle teeth useless, "What happened to you?!" "The sure answer will be written on the trenches of my wounded Face if the glass bead of True Beads trembles again in my soul!"
My broken body guards the burdens of tough-konokan and what many discover on me as a redemptive smile - Suffering! I feel like he is howling every day with the intention of squeezing my muscles, numbing Nirvana-Dark, erupting from the depths of Executioner of times! I am already struggling with selfish, selfish pride: how could the man-trying burdens of this Being be better solved?! Suicide - if there was one - didn't even hit a wooden stick! I cling to the consoling-hopeful shreds of blissful days like this; I stare terribly at the Report with trembling blood-eyes! The Nobody's House, which slowly frees me from everything and deliberately lootes it!
Wandering, fast stigma-Souls are plagued by coding, vile evenings: it would be good to unravel the chains of my ominous pains to be redeemed - I listen in the present pregnant fog of the bottomless cavity of Time that it gapes Damocles executioners.
Jan 2022 · 75
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Female Eden smiles sparkle toward my wounded Soul; in the depths of my purple heart, tamed monsters purr obediently! In the jungle of my dreams, I remember the superstitious play of mischievous eyes laughing at the subconscious night inside! His eyelashes fluttered gracefully like the wing-dance of night butterflies; the earthly, classic Beauty flew like a pillar! My empty evenings are buzzing around wasp stars! I never tore up the superstitious fruits of forbidden gardens, but I wanted to caress them kindly!
I was attacked by jealous, flame-burning Cherubim who could only flirt overnight with the immortal crumbs of Happiness while wasting the treasures of the beautiful Universe! "Lions and tigers farm under our gardens, while deep-seated beasts are waiting for their prey!" How can we stay again Humans if in this Age of barbaric usa the idiot Stupidity alone thrives ?!
The sadness of the passing Being is therefore torn to us at every moment and the cranky Time is mercilessly swept away! "I'm a spark, and yet Alien forces can smash it at any time!" Yet my soul embraces the changing Universe and vibrates with it for a single beat! Space statelessness often rumbles over me and makes me account! Can all finite human stories be heard, or are celebrities just remembered ?! - Graffiti crashing into a sensation-hungry society!
The stimuli of escapes in the soul must have already infected the deeds of the Prophets! The phlegmatic stupid indifference is grouped into unconditional reflexes.
Jan 2022 · 63
For dead-times
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Dreamwalking Reality-mistaken alleys stumbles and deliberate devil-convulsions the Third; signs of mistaken madness are visible! Vulnerable man's shadow may be deliberately transgressed by bargaining bargainers, treacherous cops! More and more whispers of odd eccentrics sink the beginning of creative days into baseless mood-setting!

Collapsed hoppers leap like grasshoppers in a dance of the Spirit's march, restraining itself even the puffed-up All! And in all pseudo-news there stands the possibility, as a vocal, obscene-music to be shouted with full throats! The infinite depth of needle is scarcely to be sought and discovered! Money and luxury have become the new age's newest pseudo-god! From the pits of endangered credulities Only the curve of descent can be described! In the melodious pauses of melodious raindrops, mood-steam is created: a rainbow graveyard as a consequence of precise interplay!

A series of secret was-nots! In the conscious moments of wakefulness, superstitious eyes also perform a total-entire cross-country; with a reverse change of style, they could even cling to the pieces of fabric of a rathartic, proud reality! Among the murderous impulses rooted in inequality, the traitor changes hands for the umpteenth time!  They may think: a series of crushing, bans will solve everything! No one thinks of going down the road of reconciliation of interests!
Jan 2022 · 59
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Some desperate, fierce impulse, Some exasperated temper, with many handfuls, Has gathered in us; from fierce hatred A simple word of help is seldom heard! The sound of indigestible preaching is carried abroad by a howling wind! From fire-breathing, roaring throats Peace can seldom spring! A cheap legion of micro-quakes of small lateness goes forth, Even sneaking suspicion-men are cut down! Some secret flame of love should be planted anew in the hearts of men, to blossom again!

High-energy vibration-sounds, soughing at high freckles, in cacophonous alarms, frighten us needlessly! Stubborn dissent is better off as a sneaking thief, searching and searching for only forgotten and non-acute experiences! This degenerate, degenerate civilization is being measured again by the new, profiteering distribution of material wealth! Ladies of ebony body, like enthusiastic, exotic consumer-mediums, dance out of a vegetating, man-wrecked existence; nor should the dignity-laws of the Golgotha-service be violated by outward, parade-like celebrations!

Under beams of eyebrows carved in stone, redeeming love might once have been born at any time, and the superstitious, smiling Deity sought to quench his ardent passions with kisses: from cordial meetings, whoever feared or dreaded ***, might boldly flee! - Wonderful knives of noble steel glide flickeringly sly on the frightened faces of petal-crystal gazes; the wing-cracking of night-butterflies is heard hesitatingly even in the deserted doorway!
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
From the torn stillness of nights it rips with a thunder, A capricious edge, a wide tear of memory's storms! Rust-resistant, twisted honey-coloured pitch bubbles, While from the distance some forlorn desert of stone Seems to rise and rise in search! Purple Sisyphean rocks teach patience, and mature silence for themselves, To prophet-wise, and to those who pass through themselves!

Sunyin yet ***** the end-shadow of the red-skinned skeleton-sidereptile, declaring war on the screeching flocks of ravens! Let the well-known, acute or even trivialised lies begin: the obligatory, preaching holy commandment of saving lives, and unworthy, reengineered echo-songs that the mouldy plaster on the walls of our health care system is getting more and more rotten, and the cracks in the wards are growing! - We can only rarely count on the kind attention of our mortal, and therefore evolving, brother states!

A swarm of pigeons, falling from low heights, splashes over our heads, and some would sell the final product for sweets, if it were all that could be gained by the deliberate explosion of sound they themselves create, to enliven their wealth, the truth they have dripped is clogged up! The proliferation of idiotic, idiotic exceptionalism in a self-expanding space is incomprehensible; idiotic constructions should be replaced by stable and balanced production instead of the brainlessness of oligarchs!

Caravan routes often **** in the lost man if he is not careful! Self-righteously, who can still dare to swing stubbornly confidently in people's tin-can ring cannot remain in his honesty!
Jan 2022 · 63
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Female Eden smiles sparkle toward my wounded Soul; in the depths of my purple heart, tamed monsters purr obediently! In the jungle of my dreams, I remember the superstitious play of mischievous eyes laughing at the subconscious night inside! His eyelashes fluttered gracefully like the wing-dance of night butterflies; the earthly, classic Beauty flew like a pillar! My empty evenings are buzzing around wasp stars! I never tore up the superstitious fruits of forbidden gardens, but I wanted to caress them kindly!
I was attacked by jealous, flame-burning Cherubim who could only flirt overnight with the immortal crumbs of Happiness while wasting the treasures of the beautiful Universe! "Lions and tigers farm under our gardens, while deep-seated beasts are waiting for their prey!" How can we stay again Humans if in this Age of barbaric usa the idiot Stupidity alone thrives ?!
The sadness of the passing Being is therefore torn to us at every moment and the cranky Time is mercilessly swept away! "I'm a spark, and yet Alien forces can smash it at any time!" Yet my soul embraces the changing Universe and vibrates with it for a single beat! Space statelessness often rumbles over me and makes me account! Can all finite human stories be heard, or are celebrities just remembered ?! - Graffiti crashing into a sensation-hungry society!
The stimuli of escapes in the soul must have already infected the deeds of the Prophets! The phlegmatic stupid indifference is grouped into unconditional reflexes.
Jan 2022 · 52
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Is there anything moving in the redemptive descent? Discover the exfoliated tears on the retinal lines of broken eyes with compassionate regret! As the smaller beetles glide apart, a hesitant giant-foot tramples on them by chance! The given, idyllic anthill can hardly receive regular travelers and contemplatives back into its bustling community! In the gaping lap of depths - only they can know - undivided Dreams graze!
The blood-boiling instinct-greed of visceral possession is only the exception! - From the micro-world below, where can murderous virtue be measured by certain methods? - The chattering company of loosely swinging golden boys and chirping kittens has never seduced; there, many people blamed emotional ammunition for luring exploited defenseless people and believing! Are the reports left to themselves simply because Someone always betrays them with words?
Deliberate yawns in deep dark gaps, however, cannot dissolve; the redemptive gaze of self-forgotten serenities can no longer be forced on the other! Greed became an indestructible umbilical cord: as many gains as possible in the jingling pockets of compromisers; but even the only comedians of Judas who are now giving themselves up are all sneezing or lurking! Secret doors open to everyone, only the secrets can be kept by the Spirit alone!
Is it too much to envy overstretched reciprocity? You’re forced to wear the shower spikes of mutual compromises on purpose if you want something more out of life.
Jan 2022 · 67
Hellish line
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
In the memories of broken Hells, our luck and grief often turn; If we are looking for a friend and an enemy, we are already investigating! The Dark sends us non-bargaining Morse signs from another, unknown world! The beating gods of the Heart have lost their favor many times! Being, like a water jug filled to the brim, pulls us deep! The blinding of dogs of conscience echoes all the way to the shells of our listening ears! In our dreams of Sisyphus, every stone and rock recreates itself as a judgmental judgment!
Anxiety moved as a single body in us! In Congo space, our gift-fortune strikes here and there: the reaping laurels of silent opportunity were not reserved for us by the little kings of Being! In the long hours of our loneliness, we should first deal with atrophy together! The retained heat waves of memories hardly hurt anymore, yet they are necessary for us to reconcile with ourselves!
The familiar unrest swirled round and round! A stone block of silence breathes in our heads; we were forced to measure the night with bouncing weights! Our windows, still guarding our consciences, testify to our minds of fog-piercing Truths when asked! It is also a fertile, silent envelope flowing to our pounding hearts; all goodbyes converge as an outer glaze! Our predictable stick dreams are less and less alerting us to emergencies; the final formula for deprived expulsion is suicidal intent; direct inaccuracy appropriates instinctive
our senses and makes us back down! Conscious sleepers can't even wake up with the muffler! Our prodigal souls have become overturned trash; among perishable treasures, when can we finally find treasures?!
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Underworld, obscene galaxy underworld catacombs; mazes without entrances! They did it themselves with disappointed prophetic votes! We drag the swearing with ourselves! We are constantly clinging to an extended presence! The fleeing Time is no longer pursued by anyone; a ghost death leap or somersault mortuary pirouette should be performed so that they can finally pay attention to ourselves! Is the loss survivable?
Insidious nights lined up in a sleepless moonlight; a terrifying tick-tangle imitates somewhere in a circled clock! Vulnerable human wrecks like undulating leaves fall into the shadows of Nothing every day! “You could only feel like a yellow sponge deep in your chest when the beating heart was offended; fancy Celebs chattered about their *** life spread out in silly shows! Factory chimneys also became crows hanging upside down; it would also be good to demolish the brick piles arranged next to each other!
One can hardly pay attention to the friendly voices that want to talk even in a tangled underworld noise; in the force field of lost vulnerability, everyone deforms into a weak coat-shadow! The tearful magic of your breathing eyes torn by fire! A whirlwind light swirling behind you! Guards' detached aura can barely be guarded by budding eye-stars! "They will commit your sins because they cannot bear them, even as the culture-sanctuary will be for ignorant judges and beasts, while the delivering Prophets will be strangled by insidious snakes!"
Jan 2022 · 72
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
You are always in the way of someone; even though you have been a maze for a long time! True Beads falling from your scratched eyes are not picked up by a handful of human Goodness and Compassion! The disasters of presence in the maze will walk your hidden instincts on your way! You want to find yourself at last while you know you can’t satisfy every wish; and you cannot remain an uninhabited house in your bitter loneliness! "The cover is on you, and fear is staring at you with the ruffles of your coat shadow!" Worn part of this present day, you are still benefiting from the Presence!
Are “some” tasting your sensitive self with spike critiques destined for death, or are they just cunningly playing with you? The wise stones of your mind are listening under the weight of your thoughts! Will there be a guiding thread in you that will lead you out of the prison area of your life with will and recovery ?! - You would cling to the Half Time with your teeth and nails; you should not become a memory of yourself!
Your heart has been surrounded by the intention of immortal happiness, and the Memory will remain with you as an unpleasant odor; decomposes into parts as utilizing nutrients in Time! There is hardly any left Man who would forgive the hesitation of the fallen on your sad face! It is very difficult to re-learn the art of laughter; it would be bearable to lie that empathy tolerance helps everyone.
Jan 2022 · 92
Late migration
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
The mistake of Ordas minions in the mists will challenge even the beaten Time! As a private worm, perhaps we are all seeking redemptive refuge! Anything can be lost in everyone, because the Saints are proud and hyenas, and the Angels are killing cedars! One can only encounter one who is left alone with caring Dear gazes; the prostitution of Betrayal is already affecting everyone - this is how we are fleeing inward to the snowfall! Black cubes are guarded by the energy of the body and it is not possible to prepare enough for a stunning doctor attack whipped with envious eyes!
Fists of gorilla heads on the destroyed pillar of the intellect - now that's the trend! He got closer to the unintelligible behaviors of Neanderthal s Cro-Magnoni! Compulsive silence also settles devastatingly on more eloquent Prophets if they cannot profess according to their Culture; a series of bullet-strewn words filled with jealousy strike the night - and missed again, as so often the sincere apology that destroys the Man and the cuddly child inside! It would be good to break out of the impossibility of Life and move to another Reality! One day, all that remains is a selfish reflection! Large thick lines of prohibition collide with blood vessels overzealous in the body; they pull themselves deeper and deeper and it is not possible to question with ultrasound whether the embryo is okay? The life-giving Universe is selected from a sliding, white material!
The condensed Silence still runs like a pea-eyed dread on our backs! "Stray over your head at night while you try to sleep.
Jan 2022 · 56
Dirty rhapsody
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
How much easier it would have been without the memory of the humiliated gymnastics, which, with the whipping of executioner ropes, haunted new targets every day with fear of death; only a few could understand the Truth of the present out of blood-soaked eyes! All human Judgments and murders could be measured against these only then; finally, every insidious glance was already a murderous thorn in our vulnerable hearts and we sobbed doomed to lonely orphanage like alamus, pathetic worms while we looked down at our own soul wells, gathering courage!
We could hardly hear that any of us had committed suicide because they could not bear the stigma-wounding evils of their bachelors! The writing campaigns also started with Executioner jokes! In a treadmill world, magnified evil also seems bigger, scarier! *****-smiled male pillars practiced slap-dancing times until the “others” could learn how to serve and pit at the same time ?! Washed, washed clothes also had to be reused, and the torn Budmilos bag cost a lot!
There could have been no pathetic chance for the Guardian to escape the apocalypse of everyday terrorist hells to Infinity! They were forced to tolerate the pain of the usurper as a lifeless object; the sentient Spirit was as much drained as the foreign matter from the tendons of skeletal bones!
Jan 2022 · 57
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
We are already stumbling more and more crustly into the idle Infinity, and we are rooted in a wooded mood; the vulnerable Soul is damaged anyway and the Will-pulled bodies eventually give up anyway! Distorting ratios are not dwarfed - but they increase by division! The dream of everything is a silent wilderness! It’s hard to cling to the forgiving power of chance, just like a smile close to a ditch! The Vacuum still exists in sheer space, even though there is no one to capture or fill it! There is always just a kind of alarming, internally warning selfishness!
It is becoming more and more difficult to look wolfishly and flirt with sincere Truth; the usual, homely Death is staring at us! Fear s Pain beats as expelled; the murderous silence devours our loneliness and the fact excites us that we can't get any closer to solving it! It takes place in the body and in the brain and produces some strange, chemical reaction! What we have become thickens into what really hurts! Every level you start leads to the darkness of the impossible! In the depths of restless souls it is difficult to live in peace!
Our shiver scale scans us all the way to our vertebrae and back! If we are helpless with the formula for solving situations in our heart chamber, there is a risk of explosion. In the hourglass press, the tiny grains trample each other orphan; they're in a hurry somewhere! The border is watching the barrier of the Spirit and often stirring underworld dust! Shards of self-digesting blood are also falling…
Jan 2022 · 62
Notes from a visitor
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
It is becoming more and more difficult to desecrate and die; Every roast pigeon word adopted for the Word can only be left on cracked lips! A meaningful conversation is interrupted and an embarrassing silence begins with a raging one! He forces himself into evasions as if he were being ***** by Honesty! - In well-washed Pilate hands, they land like cheap glue banknotes; bribery rates! The Truth itself became a nailed, leaking wound; bleeding constantly on its own! Confession, because you are forced to betray yourself more and more often!
As a god, the conscience is shattered from within: "Why did you have to choose an easier, served path ?!" "Incomprehensible will binds you and shackles your mind so that you can act!" Silent wounds and yawning cries can remain just instead of selfless help! In tumbling bodies, the watch clings to the dull beat of drums; as a sign of attention, everyone nods, though they may not know what Promised? In the cavity of black holes, how should we listen to horns? - Rolling Mirror-How to look back from Time so that the personality can no longer be distorted!
Arrivals should be received with crowded Judas pockets; dried meat sticks to the resurrected skeleton until eventually the disintegrating viscera of the naked body can remain! - The sly shape can still only flatten out; like a fleeing seal on a melting ice floe who drowns in life-giving water in atonement; the cat is always the one who plays with the mouse and never the other way around! As a killer, the Sun also distributes its nuclear fragments to the earth - yet it warms.
Jan 2022 · 79
The bribed tourist eye
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Not the Celeb Striptease that bitterly enters everyday life, the fierce spiritual sin that can reach the intentional peak in deliberately sold-out ****** pleasures! The stench of revenge that does not reach the perpetrators still smells so far! All the candles are already broken! Already, the ghost roller coaster is puffing in idiot showcase heads! As a stair constriction, they cut off the path from career opportunities! For pious handrails, you know, there is hardly any laurel these days!
Buksi also cherishes childish hopes for Hope, which is the only opportunity to hold on! Man would be forbidden to crush himself; on the trampled donkey ladders of careers, only the better known can have the prerogative! He can be succeeded as Susuphos by those who have managed to book accommodation on the shores of failure! The cultural and human **** lurking in everyone can still backfire and hit hard!
Thrown out depression should be forgotten; loudspeakers should stay away with their inexplicable accusations once and for all! Overbearing bad faith gets stuck in every fence obstacle! As an iron ball thrown into a river, he dredges in a confused seaweed, the unknown groping, who could better understand the giving emotions! A ship that has been sinking for a thousand years has become a beautiful prayer of morals and compliments! Things that happen happen are always always repeated, and the human mind often wonders: how does it exist to put young chicks in well-paying jobs with a giggle giggle ?! "Every scene tolerates the Traitor, but only a few trust him.
Jan 2022 · 71
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Even a sharp-roaring cold can’t fall well; Your ***** of true pearls will stick to the veins of your flaming face like a red apple and will smash and knock when they hit the ground! He would sniff high up, gasping for mountain air a little cleaner, preservable, like an asthmatic! Your confidence erupts in your wounded petal soul; your selfish life is nailed to a chair or table; you are starting to get used to it gradually: you can't be right either. They'll knock down your worn-out taxi clock!
What a killing, lousy slap in Life! And maybe for "some" it's the leader, because that's all there is left! Holy indifference already envelops you as a restraining force! The Present is creeping and twisting with Angola! And everyone hides back into their own flesh when they humble themselves! Depth and Height are already nesting there in everyone! A mysterious intuition of prophecy is often torn out of non-existence; decisions are forced out by the Word of Traitor! In your shivering smile, you may know yourself when the snow falls!
Your introverted loneliness is also becoming more Stone Age; your soul is constantly hypersensitive Irish on a barely known chessboard! The restless, curious child inside rubs the purple petal of your heart! With an open mind, you would welcome everyone to be your sincere Friends, but you are already going to the wall from the corinates of jerks! - You expose yourself to the fact that by listening to the solid vases and the rattling of fragments of memory, which are emptied of your past deprived life, you are still listening.
Jan 2022 · 63
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
His tickling mustache drew tiny pits on his bowed face; drops of sweat clung to the roaring Frederick's comet; he loaded his truck and knocked like a rhythmic chase into Infinity repeated to boredom! Only his beard could survive; it was just all your contacts! He carefully collected the contents of filled marmon cans as he did not throw anything out! The tragedy of forgotten football is the heart pounding!
The narcotic **** of the heatwave! Does your organization - not knowing - feel anything else; The road to Gyongyos Visonta is still very far back! Fifty years are barely past! He only shaved once in the mirror, and he always fought with the feeling of lack found! She has a beard! He never gave his dignity to anyone! - The tomb has been covered for decades; the October wind blows memorable obituaries! Whoever knew him could always listen to his wise advice!
I wonder what happened to the truck and the house; already in every perishing and even the tiny strands of idyllic childhood must be gathered together as truly precious True Beads! And as we inhale the yellowish scent of memories, we are also overwhelmed by creepy restlessness! "You are now looking at this ever-bustling army of ants from above, and you are shocked by the chaos that some have been able to get here!" Many times I still listen to his laughing laughing in my harassing mind; silent silent tears start on children's faces one by one…
Jan 2022 · 69
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
When can I finally see stars trembling in deer eyes that greet with bright Sun smiles? When can I wait for dawn without fear? There are all questions within me and because I always stop in front of barriers and borders to seek the wise advice of others: I would cling to sincere, sincere Friendships like a hesitant groper whose only shimmer lights can shine with hope! The expanding Universe has been playing with banded stars for millions of years!
Maybe it can withstand people, and it would be so good if my stray soul could embrace the Happiness I find! Sometimes I feel a sigh of nothing; the One who has been torn from an infinite number of chains, with whom the "Big Ones" are making fun of mocking games, murderous jokes! - The wave murmur of twisted vortices many times supports Apocalypse and there is no one who could stand by me in the final troubles, because Something is broken, the reliable handshakes of the alliance are broken!
I deliberately fear the unpredictable, impending Death; executioner's True Beads weep in my crater eyes; and I always remind myself that the passing is carried within us and our secrets can only be hidden by the Deep Night! Gently resounding hardened fountains should be comforted in the depths of the broken Spirit so that he can trust again, for the barking Lonely ones are already sleepless! - As a geyser, my desire to finally find my inner salvation next to the immortal cosmics of the Universe and to be happy even when the daily weight of troubles is in my tracks!
Jan 2022 · 93
Falling Elegy
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
I can still understand: Man sinned against Himself when he could not hear anything else! The beast sounds of the wicked raised a wounding whip into the woods of my hairy Marsian back! I had to see Man-Man sell, pay, and bribe if his violable rules of the game dictate it; painters I would imagine a peace-loving still life next to my loneliness cavity so that I could rest s My darling's healing and mild-paying swan hand as a protector Angel's wing would rock rocking quietly!
The phantoms of hatred and envy are constantly besieged, and sometimes it would be better to leave everything behind and escape the window, redeemed by the bone-cracking anger of a dull angry volcano! My attentive, caring eye would open the gates of the Universe as our hesitant lips reveal the secrets of glowing, harmonious kisses; do I have to give up on eternal happiness with mature reassurance?! - Back-not-given whiplashes
I even tolerate s wear with dignity! I still wanted to laugh; Behind the precious heart-smiles of comforting and feeling the restless nerve-wracking pursuit of my soul with fleeting, squeaky-light smiles, there are tense True Pearl moods that can be seriously lived; and if it happens irreversible the mortal Judgment that I can no longer see my blessed Mother — a bleeding stump remains in the cup of my once purple heart!
my faith should someone find me, it would be good to comfort the germ of my already selfishly guarded dreaded childhood with someone…
Jan 2022 · 87
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
You can barely remember it anymore; there can hardly be a place for the wonders of the Universe in your constantly active skull! It was a balmy, scorching night and under a veil of water your body was embraced like a tender lotus flower, and the immortal melody of our craving hearts sang in a structure beating our hearts! True pearls pound a jewelry wreath into a raven’s feather hair until your twilight lips were touched by the silky dew; our opening flesh-flowers melted into each other as they trembled to a beat; in the fountains of hidden musical lagoons, the raging destruction was so good: immediate rebirth followed!
Your flowering flaming body danced rhythmically, and in the immortal drift of each other we felt for ourselves how foolish the passing precious Being was! You eagerly, hungryly caressed my lips and laughed like a jingling song in his ears when I could barely breathe in the glowing flame storm of our passions; Love has blinded and beautified us at the same time! The star ray of Mirad was simultaneously scattered and thickened by your True-Pearl eyes!
Through the channels of our attractive magnetic telepaths, the Universe hugged and comforted you! Our joyful heart is a beating flower wonder! Why waste so many stateless minutes to find each other ?! - In us, eternal feeling lingers like timeless immortality, timeless immortality! Between two kisses, we need to close our eyes again so that an eternal miracle can last! The bee of our memory seems to subside; why is it that we bite together into the ignorant fruit in the eternal minute ordained for us? And when would we have had a chance to run for it?
Jan 2022 · 102
On the porches of the days
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
I would have to cling to impenetrable, eternal lights as an eternally hopeful little child so that the many thorn-offs would not reach me! Addicted to snuggling up to Infinity and believing in the healing magic of roe deer, that there may be another way out! The hidden Existant casts light out of the fog and the fingertip blade gap of gladiolus hurts the cups of my heart! Many times his hooded mists close to Being, and the Well of Nothing demands more thirstily! As a volatile butterfly, joy sins with someone else! Shelter should already be found for the volatile moment!
Fire-eyed cheap-soul chirping is the computing compromise! Falling stars are still running in the trajectory of my life, as a richly fertile stream, my crater tears immediately flood! I deliberately hide my smile to the Beloved who can still comfort me! - I feel like in the junk market of emotions, like petty faithful bustles and “some” can come up again at any time! I would still cling to the cooling beauties of the Universe! I listen to the confused drum beats of my heart in my whispering ears; I always understand the impending danger!
Suicide leading to suicide should not be considered if unresolved troubles are towering over us! "I should believe in myself that cherishing, friendly hands always reach out to me, and Honesty can surely take it for granted!" A single piece of stone The law of my being is often unable to shout, though many times it would be good to shout out loud so that others can understand listening to rocks can be melodic even from the blood throbbing in us! False or hostile to the human Word, meaningless envy nest in still-budded gazes and rapes daily
Jan 2022 · 65
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
Shadows cast a price on me like a nervously raised bow string; curved mirror tiny, miturgist dwarf! My childhood is always listening to me! In the grip of a confused, uncertain Tomorrow, Loneliness falls on me at any time! Happy rains in your drops of tears I can not find myself! I exist even when I have to hide in disgust; the flock of insane people will not let go unless I surrender to My Truth! Who will hold my hand in a starless, eternal night? Who raises to comfort me, lest I fear the conscious uncertain ?!
Cowardice that wakes up in such hesitant movements and I can't know what it's worth in me ?! - Teach and subdue this **** World where one immediately sells the other and the Honesty of the People is a squeaky matchstick! Only once would the cry flare up into Nothing, which cannot be bribed; my journey could only be by someone next to lead me through the flames of danger! The shimmering moonlight palms to death, yawns at me in countless emaciated Solitude; with my selfish, petty life, konok defies! Height s Depth back again and behind me sensation-biting cats chirping with two jaws!
The madness of fame in the lives of ordinary souls is a contagious and condensed way; Times rolled sawed Hamlet's skull cherished by Yorick; among mazes, I am still rethinking my fragmentary options! The silence of the stamps will take me and the coral flower will not be obligatory; We should confess with apostolic lunatics who have remained faithful to themselves! "A shabby fugitive is looking back at me like a deliberate fugitive from the skin of a nightingale panther!" I am building a world on my own and I cannot show it to anyone!
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World view
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
In dazzling winter, like a cowardly creeping animal, with padlock-dreamed dreams, he waits in silence for helping friends, but no one comforts him! Preserved fear sits in the depths of desperate hearts, and ladies, paraded ladies laugh at their polite chivalry when they greet them with hand kisses! His future is still confused; they were carried full of fog and the opportunities for him to prosper were stolen from under his feet! He would roar, almost so wounded by his humiliation shake, but his mouth would turn blue into the fall of silent shackled tears!
He lives here as a strange herald; just referring to yourself! Dagger-raised business hands raise a dagger against it, even the coolers tread the trajectory of in ambush! As a begging vulnerable, he loses his fertile silence in a storm of misunderstanding; it has broken its way with words that have become rotten, vile mortality is fighting for itself and many are entering into their everyday bribery! Happiness will be a guest of Happiness even on night-long nights! "With a destiny-closed soul, you must always enter this calculating world on your own and know if you are burning a candle from two halves, if you cannot step through the steps of a needle!" Like the treacherous orphanage of willow trees - a shivering fear overwhelmed who feared this World with fear!
Benevolent shadows in the Universe bend like dark petals, their digestive trust is fueled by omniscient Loyalty! A translucent drawing will be set in stone for many useless dreams; pure instinct will protect your being like another bastion extreme! "With free faith, though, it can be just a silent point," he stumbles further and further.
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Uninvited nest loader
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
I didn't want to speak to a camp of non-flatterers, but he was brainwashed in the ditch pit of this Age to someone who was open-
With a spirit, he still understands acceptingly! In his earthly living rooms, I could well have found a heart-warming true home; as a vagrant, unfaithful stuffing Tolerating the Occupation of Executioner-Time Times - because I am forced to - still endure! Celebrity-chasing celebrity chopsticks flattered to each other from late dawn to sober nights! With uncovered *******, yet in armor-armed Solitude, I will stand among you! And I am forced to endure the blunders of my prodigal misfortune with charlatan smiles!
Today, rat souls are either glorified by others in a proclaiming loudness, or are galloping! As insidious servants of nothing, they began to viscerate the base of our easy-to-build career! "And I have warned and confessed to all, if they have heard: Beware, for the Spirit has fallen into the deep and will fall down with the falling pay!" Many have already deliberately distanced themselves from me! With vigilant patience I warned others of the Nobles with destruction!
A judgment that foams on the potted lips of flatterers is reprimanded: What has this insidious, paid Age made of skeptics, not of those who trust in themselves?! Even from the constantly licking handshakes of licking my feet but I was disgusted; remembering can keep many-sanda Promise! "Consolingly beautiful books should not be left to fend for themselves!" I would have to believe that the Galad Man might come to his senses and get better
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The face of things
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
As a broken blow to couch silent; vile powers change hands as lingerie; the self-rescue movement fell voluntarily, the Infinite long ago destroyed! Something took hold of the selfish Souls and split! Bone-white, the faithful blinds stumble into the uncertain future! History re-sells itself with **** faith and serves everyone else instead of self-esteem! The Angels' redemption wings weigh heavily into sticky mud, for they are full of Twilight wounds at the base of their backs; in cages, puppies are devoured by bargained jackals - and there is no way out!
One-way streets are designated as intentional dead ends to make a possible career impossible from others! The little ******* chirping cute mini-lives are bustling yet because they can’t mouse paths to dance wobbly! The researcher, the vigilant moon, also became a blind man; he can only sit lame and motionless contemplating! In the Cosmos captivity of loneliness, only howling dogs can hear their judgment! The Seer fantasizes about dreams that have fallen into a well! And the thirsty one still follows dreams!
Judgment is constantly foaming at the contemptuous mouth of intestinal lepers because they cannot accept the changing differences! Worms are also raised in their selfish mirrors by exotic Beauties; today the World itself is tearing apart the threads that can bind Man-Man! Goodness can soon escape from ourselves and only the killer tuna selfishness remains! "Neither can people with spiked-mouths really be the ones to show themselves: there is a desperate maze of labyrinths on indulgent Faces."
Jan 2022 · 57
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
When Can Bird Whistle Finally Become Silence? Peace redeemed forever from universe kisses ?! Our mundane words tick like bombs only in human hearts and teary-eyed stars serve to protect instincts! Crazy in the meadows of bone fields, ku has lost his entire life, and you can never find the solutions to survival again! V.I.P. night drowned in bubble night; the slow destruction of themselves was signaled by the timed hell machine! Fragmented, the sight glasses were broken; the Present is bent on its glass tiles! Instead of a multitude of friendly faces of people, yawning skulls greeted the homesick everywhere!
- Our weary fears also sin against us in this way; in the cool masks of faces we often get lost if we can’t see the differences! In the shadow of our silence, we know nothing but we are fleeing! By law, Being rips out your Dreams of Silence; a line of falling shadows plunder in Time! If your faces are already cast, your soul will sin! It closes in itself the many hopeless moments through worldly labyrinths, there is hardly anyone who would do your common detour with you! - Naked squirming can squeeze so night-shroud! Moonlight bulging on an ax haunts you when you have to be alone!
The meaningful years listen to you as an accountable prisoner! The night of the flu soaks with you in piles of trickled lights: No-Time the conceived Fate can fall through if you are not careful! Someone is diligently tearing the shackles of your humiliation to get in! With a disgust of rotten miracles, a world that counts to the core is vomiting out there! Day-to-day sensation and fog-people are rolling and eternal Friendships are breaking up.
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The Bark of Being
Norbert Tasev Dec 2021
Everyone in Being crashes like wolf traps are the researcher wild! Behind the face, another cleaner and more sincere look besieges our beating hearts! Because in a sensationalist world today, Minute Blue people continue their handball gang time and the looming danger also comes from the smiles of artificial liver! He who confesses and reels is forced to wander into other circles! They freeze in a rush because it is no longer possible to get out of bribed robot tempos! Many people bribe from bribed careers overnight because they stifle everyone and fame crumbles!
At the crossroads of fear, heart attacks are pounding and you can feel the silent killers already threatening them all! - A child plays on the rails: even the sure Death laughs! The word fluttering on his lips is still but not laughing; as a little survivor, Man has already surveyed the spatial relationship! All orphans have childlike faces because they proclaim Peace by themselves! Behind our stuff is a lying fog motoz! These now furry Truths are already teaching everyone! Why is it necessary to incite escaped game to fleeing fugitives ?!
The happier paradise shores of the Future have also fallen to Atlantis! Prophet fever cannot tame the guards anymore! The gaping sermons of the lattices are listened to by the crowds, and the Truth is lost on every needle! "Beyond all the roots of the Shadows of Time, I stand in front of closed gates without a shadow!" Only the stupid can have the courage to stand up for myself with more courage.
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