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Feb 2022
Because it can do nothing else: in an eternal circle of flight, the helpless man advances like an ant! The Mรถbius ladder of transactions is deliberately avoided or chewed up! It seems a boorish, outcast, degenerative homage to perceive something of our own superficial world without the seeing mirrors of searching eyes! From the settling shadows of ghost-moons Springing on the velvet of our nights Silent shadows of night menacingly stare!

It would be good to believe that the hearts of our modern, mischievous children are not yet tainted with deceit; it may seem a cosmic eviction order to deprive us of eternal playful curiosity by "some"! For he who has already become a participant in a premeditated plot cannot yet be sure of playing his role of imporvizator credibly; the night that is being built cannot be enclosed by anything but a sinister darkness of the underworld! A chilly imperturbability fills the air: the palpable Omnipresence is enriched with a strange mixture of pitch and paste!

In webs of lies insidious breeding dwells; deceivable, radiant lights fall on dying, pale moonbeams! Into a fading Nivive-nince the throbbing human soul becomes! Like a rattling robber-lock now clicks on the throbbing heart of us all, Iron-clasped, locked padlock! - The uncertain Future is already a soundless, outcast wolf-confrontation with conscious despair! In the cold space of a voidless Arctic, only the vulnerable can remain soberly clear, silently awake!

In the pearl-veils of sincerities that open the cloud-fractures of eyes, the immortality of the moment trembles!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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