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Feb 2022
The silent, statuesque shadows of timelessness are cast on everyone, if the mouth yawns in a single expressive movement, the eyes sparkle - as a light-hearted, silent blindfold, we try to capture the happy golden age of our memories as realistically as possible, and create it in Reality! We are softly embraced by the music of the flocks of birds waiting for Spring. The holy gentle melody of the tiny and inviting bells, running on the babbling wind, makes our beating hearts beat!

Long distances can be shortened at any time - thanks to the hyper-networks of our digital age! The double news-beat of joy-sharing echoes our richly beating heartbeat! The prophet-trones of balmy, brooding nights are touched by the budding love-fly; and it matters not when, or by whom, the immortal metamorphoses of kisses among the swarming, nubile desires of the wombs! - To the identity thought lost, all can find it again!

From a single gesture, a universal cosmic compassion, or a great spectacle stuck in silence! In the deception, the chase and the pursuit of hopes may yet remain! We should engrave in everyone's soul the Goodness that dwells in everyone, as another strange sacrifice...
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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