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Feb 2022
Only laughter is cherished and preserved by the eye! A good, hearty, mischievous little laugh! The prayers of griefs, of pearls clutched in melancholy, The bleeding soul keeps shut, and we consciously fear to show Our vulnerability to our loved ones! In the walled, honeyed skies, The graceful heart-shadow hides; Like a mouldy cloak a shadow sings, at our backs! In our dizzy world there is less and less responsibility!

Like the blood from a vulnerable locust-body, something conscious oozes from me, instinct fearful of all that I feel and want to believe! Doubt and despair keep on teasing and dividing me! My boyish anguish is all gone, In a robe of stolen laughs I rather willfully weep! - The sordid layers of the unknown, wicked Future are gradually laid upon me!

The assembled biology of my body is threatened with a clattering, timed death! - The cunning, insidious supremacy of the well-informed has long since left me wanting: it would be fitting to scrape together the ruins of courage within myself, so that I may be able to Will and survive as a Man in an unknown existence! In a shower of boiling tongues of boiling catacombs, boiling in a shower of pissy bargains and betrayals, already indebted to assured career advances! The pouting vice of disguises Seems to be embodied in bargaining, selfish interests; The fierce, bickering vultures with murderous grins The bickering war of the Hienae, The bickering Mooching wars of the vultures, Drive to playable naivety!

The foolish ***** of my disadvantages! I wonder when we shall learn the selfless laws of man again, so that we may see the essence through the veneer of superficiality!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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