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Feb 2022
I would like to cling at last to a rock of refuge, which has an angel face; which does not judge in vain, and does not sue. It stretches out its angel-winged back to me, And like a sure fortress it protects me impregnable! In my eyes I would have such a lady of backbone, Who with her superstitious holy glance Would lift me from the hell of the muddy earth, When all is not well in this world.

In all the minutes of eternity, two faithful petals of a flower, Our heart's voice would tremble for each other, And the deceitful, ***** play of our thinking minds Would be the romantic music of our naughty kisses. In naked bodies, confessing and confessing each other, we would solemnly open ourselves to the other, as the Alpha beginning of primeval creations. Perhaps we could heal the stigmata of the stateless-prodigal Time, which daily bites into us with its executioner's claws.

The Nihil-claws of murderous nails do not matter to him who is protected and lifted up daily by the power of enduring, secure love! In the still countable bliss of our presence, radiant in its earthly surplus, we may yet feel the mysterious-secret serenades of our throbbing echoing hearts; on the cherishing soul's mart of water-lily leaves, may we discover each other at last, like curious, deceitful little children; in mischievous-playful joy-curiosity! - What an incredible force of spirit could feed the meeting we have arranged!

The friend and the stranger would walk towards each other, and when we took each other's sweating hand, we could both rejoice!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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