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Feb 2022
Like a hornet's nest - in the apostate hearts of men the knocking hatred is nesting! To the siege-voices of preaching preached in the form of incantations of incomprehension, too many are silent! Hyena-bellied, black-robed hirelings and muscle-meat-tower ******! Serpent-clouds in a lost confusion of purpose in the decaying present! Even he contemplates endless retribution Who at first proclaimed unity and demanded a soul-cleansing at every level; The accomplice and the jackal-talking shieder also forget their wicked deeds with purpose!

Like the drunkard who knocked the whisky and tequila-butcher's bottles on tap and spills his brown excrement into telephone boxes - into the gaping chasm of Theiraesia, here we go together! Their human dignity is being replaced all at once! From stripped human flesh their crunching bones will remain; to dust they will be but witnesses! It would be worth every empathetic-tolerant thought to finally act together with One-Akarat! In ourselves, we are a sneaky businessman with a silk purse!

Every hateful Satanic look is an eternal question: the future should bring change! - In one place, like cowards, unable to compromise, we have been stumbling in one place for many years in the heart of old Europe! Only a momentary idea to save the day is left: it is necessary to dress up promises that are full of holes and slipping away in circus costumes, because the loss should always be embellished!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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