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Jan 2022
When can I finally see stars trembling in deer eyes that greet with bright Sun smiles? When can I wait for dawn without fear? There are all questions within me and because I always stop in front of barriers and borders to seek the wise advice of others: I would cling to sincere, sincere Friendships like a hesitant groper whose only shimmer lights can shine with hope! The expanding Universe has been playing with banded stars for millions of years!
Maybe it can withstand people, and it would be so good if my stray soul could embrace the Happiness I find! Sometimes I feel a sigh of nothing; the One who has been torn from an infinite number of chains, with whom the "Big Ones" are making fun of mocking games, murderous jokes! - The wave murmur of twisted vortices many times supports Apocalypse and there is no one who could stand by me in the final troubles, because Something is broken, the reliable handshakes of the alliance are broken!
I deliberately fear the unpredictable, impending Death; executioner's True Beads weep in my crater eyes; and I always remind myself that the passing is carried within us and our secrets can only be hidden by the Deep Night! Gently resounding hardened fountains should be comforted in the depths of the broken Spirit so that he can trust again, for the barking Lonely ones are already sleepless! - As a geyser, my desire to finally find my inner salvation next to the immortal cosmics of the Universe and to be happy even when the daily weight of troubles is in my tracks!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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