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Feb 2022
Man-watching, starry-eyed flame Why does it promise stubborn, headstrong Hope only to others?! You tell me, fair lady, the real, the crystal-truth! Dog-hatred and jackal-hatred become blood nowadays, And vague hopefulness breeds in the place of conscious realizations; Ideas are easily crushed! From our hesitant self-defeating chess-steps only Waste springs! The ******, outcast secret of decipherable end-points; the thundering purr of ruby drops of blood in the wound-litter of beating hearts threatened with infarction is evident!

He who daily serves the ivory-Culture experiences a whirlwind! From the twilight of disillusionment a safe and reliable way is seldom found! The cosmic downfalls of groaningly cicentric life-paths guarantee success for powerful oligarchic generals to dictate new, selfish terms! - Spiral Life wraps itself around itself like a shoelace: if it could, it would abuse its born creation to grab privileges!

From bone-lungs oozes syrupy-murderous silence, like hard-healed wounds! Even now the memories of the past carry dagger-edged cares to our feet; dreams are cherished by the babble of babes, and vows are made by the unruly Heart within itself! - Under the pathetic Existence, as a gesture of exalted dignity, prison walls are erected for the incomprehensible ****** of the stumbling obstacles! How does the over-dimensioned, pedestalized Man manage in the catacombs of consumer societies?!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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